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Pisces New Moon: Dreaming into a New Dawn

I’ve been thinking a lot about Pisces lately. As Saturn in Pisces sits gracefully on my Pisces ascendant, I am deeply reminded of what it is to be blessed with the mutable water energy of this last sign of the zodiac.

The profound essence of Pisces is like a mystical beacon that beckons deep contemplation. I have been struck by the Pisces ethereal power to attract, draw in energy and weave a magic web of interconnectedness. Pisces is like a cosmic sponge, yet if not nurtured carefully and, if allowed to flow without boundaries, we can become burdened by the psychic weight of external influences, leaving us either confused or drained for having unconsciously chosen to carry others' energy. The Pisces symbol of the fish swimming in opposite directions reminds us that this energy can either flow upstream or downstream or, in its mutability, attempt to do both.

However, amongst this duality lies a deep Pisces truth: Pisces, the harmoniser, possesses the profound ability to bring kindred souls together to share in Pisces' deep resonance.

Having just embarked on the journey of teaching my 10-week astrology course, I am amazed by the Pisces orchestration to bring to the class every student, bar one, encompassing a Pisces Moon Sign or Ascendant, myself included. I choose not to see this as a coincidence but a very Piscean serendipitous cosmic alignment. Together we are traversing the current Pisces themes with the inclusion of Saturn and Neptune in Pisces and now the joining of the Sun and Moon in this sign, by a collective desire to bring Saturnian structure to our cosmic understanding of the universe by diving together into the depths of astrology. It was a truly magical moment to realise the profundity of this communion of learning and growth, and I have not stopped thinking about Pisces energy since.


With the enchanting influence of Pisces magic, an extraordinary opportunity has unfolded before me. I have been graciously invited to join three of Australia's most esteemed astrologers for a captivating discussion on the energies shaping the remainder of 2024.


Three years ago, I sat in awe in my living room, watching on zoom enraptured by the professionalism, depth of insight, and wisdom emanating from these astrologers. It feels surreal to find myself in their company now, to step into the spotlight as Saturn in Pisces graces my ascendant—a manifestation of a long-held dream.


Admittedly, there's a flutter of nerves within me, but I recognise this as a call from Saturn to embrace challenges and step boldly into the realm of possibilities. Therefore, I extend to you an invitation to join us—to witness these brilliant astrologers delve into Pluto's profound invitation in Aquarius, experience the enchantment of Neptune's final dance in Pisces, unravel the mysteries of the Venus Star point, and explore the transformative potential of Jupiter's ingress into Gemini (presented by yours truly).


OPA, the Organization of Professional Astrologers, stands as a beacon of support and learning for enthusiasts and professionals alike. By becoming a member, you can access a wealth of resources, including this enlightening discussion and many others, all at no additional cost. Alternatively, for a modest fee of $15.00 AUS, you can watch this talk and support four dedicated Aussie astrologers.


So, I invite you, join us. You need not be a seasoned astrologer to watch—only a love for astrology is required. Follow the link below to register for this enlightening event or, better yet, become a member of OPA and embark on a transformative voyage of astrological exploration.This New Moon, which is also the last New Moon for the year, feels somewhat magical, like the closing of a full cycle as we make way for some changes of the guards soon.



The New Moon in Pisces occurs on the 10th of March at 9.00pm Australian Eastern Daylight Time. The Sun and the Moon join up at 20 degrees of Pisces. This New Moon will weave its most significant potential anywhere you may have the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and especially any planets sitting at 20 degrees in these signs. This is a potent, equally magical, and grounded New Moon with the conjunction of the Sun and Moon to rule planet Neptune and have Saturn well ensconced into Pisces.

Standing on the threshold of the New Moon in Pisces, we find ourselves at the culmination of a cosmic cycle—a moment of profound transition and reflection. As the final sign of the zodiac, Pisces invites us to surrender to the ebb and flow of life, to release the old and make way for the new. We are in the liminal space between Pisces and the new beginning in Aries, so we are granted the opportunity to pause, reflect, and imagine what we may like to bring forth in our lives, particularly in areas governed by the realms of Pisces energy.

With Saturn also in Pisces, we can bring our dreams into reality. With Neptune in the mix, this is the time to set our imaginations free, to the blue sky, to dream and connect to all beyond the material plane.

As the last sign of the zodiac, Pisces, at its most evolved and elevated essence is all about finding within us absolute trust and surrender- a surrender that invites us to let go of control, and allow ourselves to flow and be open to profound trust and faith in the universe. Pisces is about that connection with ALL, with everything. Pisces is the knowing that flows from the depths of our being, reminding us that we are a part of a greater whole.

Pisces energy transcends boundaries of time and space; it unites and connects us all, and Pisces love is that pure love for the wonderment of everything. It is all-encompassing love of the boundless mysteries of the universe and the infinite possibilities that lie beyond our logical understanding.

Sounds great, hey, but Pisces is a dual sign, a dual stream of consciousness, of understanding and a dual journey.

Before we can really understand the pinnacle of the Piscean beauty, we must first journey through the depths of our being, where we can encounter murky waters of confusion, illusion, disorder and inner turmoil; this is the shadow and a very real side of Pisces that goes hand in hand with this deeply feeling energy. It can be challenging to traverse material existence when our souls seek something more and feel overwhelmed by emotions and energy around us. Pisces's dual curse and gift is that we often don’t seek solace or surrender in the universe until we have travelled through the dark night of the soul. But it is precisely the journey through the dark that hopefully leads to being eventually able to surrender to the universe, to relinquish control and embrace the true Piscean llove and re-emerge with profound insight and clarity.

I say all this as these themes I feel are the essence behind the energy of this New Moon period, we have the opportunity to embrace the most nuanced spiritual, ethereal , mystical and imaginative Pisces energy with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces conjunct the Sun and the Moon or we could find ourselves swimming in a sea of emotional confusion, delusion and turmoil.

It is really important now to bring awareness and consciousness to this New Moon energy, where our sensitivities could be enhanced and we may become more receptive to subtle energies.

Currently all our planets are in a forward motion and we are also heading into Eclipse season shortly. In the sign of Pisces, we are moving away from the more stern yet grounding influence of Saturn and towards Neptune, where we may need to consider how we find a balance between our spiritual aspirations and our early responsibilities or, indeed, use this time to set the intention to integrate them. Having passed Saturn’s influence, we can bring with us lessons of discipline and responsibility and set intentions around how to incorporate these themes more directly into the areas in life that Pisces and Neptune influence, such as our spirituality, imagination and creative pursuits.

The New Moon also makes a harmonious connection with Uranus, offering us the opportunity to bring change, innovation, and new elements into the mix. Combined, these energies offer us the chance to set intentions in areas of life where we wish to break free of old ways and learn to infuse fresh perspectives in setting intentions that resonate deeply with our hearts and emotions. This is a time for setting intentions toward our emotional and spiritual progress in our lives.

Finding quiet time might be very important during this New Moon as we will need time and space for introspection and rest to delve into our imaginations, meditations and connections with our higher selves. Try to stay away from people whose energies are not conducive to peace in your life, this should be a time of restful solace, to sleep, daydream, lie in a bath and allow yourself to float both physically and metaphorically.

Unravel the enigmatic tapestry of Piscean energy and its influence in your life through a personalised chart reading. 

Delve deep into the mysteries of your astrological blueprint to uncover how Pisces' ethereal magic or bewildering confusion manifests in your unique journey.

With Saturn traversing through the watery realms of Pisces, now is the opportune moment to gain insight into the profound lessons and challenges it presents. You can explore how this cosmic alignment is shaping your path and discover how to navigate its currents with wisdom and grace.

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