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Pisces Full Super Blue Moon- Bringing Spirit into Matter

I am excited about this upcoming Full Moon in watery Pisces, which is the second Full Moon to occur during August, falling on August 31st in Australia at 11.35 am.

Here is the Full Moon Workbook to give you to complete download on this Full Moon

Pisces 2023 Full Moon Workbook
Download PDF • 31.15MB

This Full Moon is Blue Moon and a Supermoon due to its closeness to Earth and, which I feel adds intensity to its power. We are more likely to all feel this Full Moon and, especially if you have planets in or around the 7-degree mark of Gemini, Virgo, Pisces and Sagittarius, I have both my Pisces Ascendant and Sag Sun close to these degrees, so for me, there will be some purging to be done. In addition to seven planets being retrograde, this is a time of delving within, turning our gaze inward to review, re-evaluate and of course, during a Full Moon release.

Let me know how you feel now, especially with so many retrograde planets. What is being stirred up within?

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