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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Taurus- Tap into the Magic

Don’t know about you but I am super excited about this upcoming Taurus New Moon solar eclipse, occurring in Australia on May 1st at 6.28 am. As we know new moons represent the beginning of a new lunar cycle. Well this energy is amplified during an eclipse, in fact this is an opportunity to really start a new, to focus on what you would like to manifest for yourself, this is the time of BIG changes and significant new beginnings.

What comes up for you during this eclipse is highly significant as it can be linked to your purpose, your destiny or karma---however you would like to express it. If you have personal planets or as I do the lunar nodes in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo Scorpio or Aquarius, this is a particularly important eclipse. I have some serious decisions to make about various aspects of my business and where my lunar nodes are ( North Node Taurus in the 3rd house) points to the areas in which I need to focus, and this could not be closer to the truth right now. I will be doing some deep meditations and ritual during this eclipse season, hoping to gain some insight and set some very concrete intentions.

This eclipse is packed with energy including some beautiful aspects of Venus and Jupiter in Pisces which will help us review, re align and attract love into our lives, if this is what we would like.

We also have some unpredictability, with Uranus making a significant appearance with the Sun, Moon and North Node. This may be a time to expect the unexpected, but do not fear, just pay close attention.I suggest we don’t force issues in working with this eclipse but rather be acutely observant of signs, people and themes that arise for you.

Check out my video detailing the specifcs of this eclipse, what to expect and how to best harness this energy or just scroll down for the pic and words version. Have a great New Moon Eclipse everyone.

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