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New Moon Solar Eclipse in Aries: Ignite the Fire Within

How well are you really asserting yourself? How often do you honestly express what your authentic needs are to the significant others in your life? When was the last time you truly celebrated your self-worth? If you don’t do such things, the question now arises as to what do you need to heal in order to actively put yourself first when you really need to?

These are triggering questions to me and questions this New Moon in Aries Solar Eclipse is asking of us. They are triggering to me because I know I don’t do any of these things enough. I certainly am not that great at asserting myself and expressing my authentic needs, I prefer to keep others happy. Why? Why are so many of us more concerned with the well-being of others than ourselves? These are the themes that will raise their heads during this eclipse.

This eclipse is potent energy and, like all eclipses, can herald some profoundly transformative outcomes. These may not be immediately evident on the day of the eclipse, but as a new cycle and in the sign of Aries, this is a time when we may find life sending us in new directions. Newness is the key here. Aries is the beginning of the zodiac, and this eclipse marks the beginning of a new cycle. So many warn of not actively ritualising during an eclipse as the energy is so strong. I, however, certainly think we can ponder on the questions such energy is asking of us, sit with our answers, and think about setting some intentions later. Mercury is retrograde, after all, so use this time for contemplation and inward focus.

This is a BIG eclipse; there is a lot of potent energy here, and it may well bring some intense global events, but I am not going to get into this this time. I want to focus on the questions the universe is asking of us right now and how we can best align with this energy for a new direction forward.


The Aries Solar Eclipse occurs in Australia on the 9th of April at 4.21 Australian Easter Time. The eclipse will fall at 19 degrees of Aries. It will certainly be felt if you have any personal planets between 14 – 24 degrees of any of the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn in particular. Look to see where 19 degrees of Aries falls in your chart, as this area will be most impacted and where you plant your focus during this eclipse season.

This eclipse is about the new, a new cycle, a forward-facing energy that is asking us not to look back but to look forward and make some bold steps with courage. Aries is all about embracing life's journey with open-hearted curiosity, trusting in our instincts, and embracing a new direction with courage and optimism. Eclipses are known for closing doors so new ones can open. Often we find ourselves standing on the threshold that is not yet clear, or unexpected opportunities arise sending us down different pathways. This particular eclipse is very much infiltrated with these themes. We may, in some way, be embarking upon a new dawn and shifting ourselves toward new horizons. Rather than fight against these tides and choose the known, we are advised to surrender to the currents of change with courage, putting our most authentic selves and needs first in order to be carried toward a new path.

I believe we co-create our realities and, as such, have an opportunity now to use this time to think about intentions we may like to act upon after the eye of the eclipse has passed. As Mercury is also retrograde this is a time for internal questioning around areas in our lives where we need to be more bold, more courageous and more aligned with our personal needs and desires.

This is not a time for abundant rituals right now but it is a time for examining where we want to bring more courage, vigour and forward-focused intention to various areas of our lives and move away from the familiar, the comfortable and push our own boundaries, dreaming big and yet also willingly allowing the universe to help guide the directions we should take.

We can best use this eclipse to be open to receiving divine downloads to help illuminate the paths. We have a generous window of opportunity to set our intentions, in fact, it wise to listen to and observe what unfolds now and then set our intentions over the coming weeks

We have quite a lineup in Aries right now with the Sun, Moon, Venus, Chiron and Mercury retrograde all in this fire sign but also with Mars, the ruler of Aries, in passive Pisces. On the one hand, this is a call to awaken our courage, leadership, and forward self-focused energy, but with Mars in Pisces, we are reminded to blend assertiveness with compassion, to find ways to assert ourselves whilst remaining mindful of the feelings and needs of others. More than this, though, is a call from Pisces during this eclipse to remind us to trust the cosmic flow of energy during this time and to surrender to the divine timing, knowing that everything serves a purpose in your soul journey.

There may be some pain that arises within us during this eclipse. Chiron, the wounded healer, is closely aligned with this eclipse and may shed light on scars of our past that should not be allowed to any longer hold us back but rather become agents for lessons learned that help us move toward a brighter future. This is a time to courageously source wisdom from what once wounded us.

This eclipse is really a potent time to re evaluate our relationship with ourselves and examine where we may have been holding ourselves back, where we don’t put ourselves first and how we can make efforts to do so in the future.

During this eclipse, we can explore the following kinds of questions from a general perspective. I have also produced another post focusing on specific questions that may come up for us depending on what house the eclipse will fall in, so look out for that in my Instagram feed. www.instagram@aspectastrology.

This eclipse may prompt questions around these themes?


  1. What aspects of my identity do I feel most passionate about expressing to the world?


  1. In what areas of my life do I need to assert myself more confidently?


  1. What past wounds or insecurities hinder me from fully embracing my potential?


  1. What new beginnings or initiatives am I ready to pursue with courage and determination?

  2. How can I cultivate a greater sense of self-reliance and independence in my life?

  3. What fears or doubts do I need to confront in order to step into my power more fully?

  4. How can I balance assertiveness with consideration for others' needs and boundaries?

  5. What changes can I make to align more authentically with my true self and passions?

  6. How can I use this time of intense energy and transformation to set intentions for personal growth and empowerment?


Beware of falling into the trap of believing the sky is falling and all is doomed with such a potent eclipse. It is true that it may bring up some uncomfortable themes, that we may be confronted with woundes from the past or surprising impulses or events that feel like we are being thrown off course. However, bringing conscious awareness to the themes associated with this eclipse offers us the opportunity for positive growth and transformation in a new direction. This is a time to challenge ourselves, to find our inner determination, to explore new ideas and to boldly put ourselves first.

To find out how this eclipse could affect you personally, book in for a 30 minute session for a personalised perspective. head to

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