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New Moon in Virgo. Spring Clean Your Life. September 7th

I am delighted to say that given some of the crazy Astro energy that has been at play over the last few weeks, this is a really lovely, opportunistic and healing new moon.

As usual new moons are about bringing in the new, new intentions, new directions, new goals, whatever you would like it to be. We look at the sign it is in to give us the ' flavour' of what the energy represents and how to work with it. We also look at specific aspects it may make with any other planets and examine how that may influence us as well.

So with any new moon, we have both the sun and the moon in the same sign, which in this case is in the lovely earth sign of Virgo. The sun and the moon meet up together in Virgo, and combined, they are in harmony and enable us to integrate our inner and outer worlds.

Virgo is an earth sign, and here in the Southern Hemisphere, we are forging into spring, seeing new growth all around us and witnessing the beautiful cyclical expression of the seasons, of the earth, and in true Virgo sense the order of nature.

During the new moon, we can work with the essence of Virgo expression by asking ourselves where in our lives we may need to be more discerning. Virgo as an energy, views the world and all around it through a 'critical eye. This is not necessarily a criticism; it is discernment. Virgo sees what is wrong, how improvements can be made and how one should go about it. This new moon is about looking at all parts of our life through a lens of Virgo discernment. We can then assess what needs to be improved and how. Are we our best selves, and what does this look like?

As an earth sign, Virgo is all about the practical realities of everyday life here on earth. Virgo rules our daily routines, our health regimes, our ability to sort, shuffle, rearrange and organise our lives so we can function in our everyday existence in the best possible ways. This is the time to fix the niggly things that we can no longer ignore.

What needs to be adjusted? What new routines could you start that may make your everyday life function better for you?

Are there parts of your life that need reorganisation? If so, this is an excellent time to get out that spreadsheet and sort out your finances, clean out your cupboards, start a new routine that will bring practical benefits to your everyday life.

Now Virgo is also the sign of being of service. We need to be of service to ourselves before serving others, and there are many I know who serve others to such an extent that they forget about helping themselves. As lovely as it is to serve others, we must know precisely why we are doing so, and we must look after ourselves first to better help others. If we don't, serving others can backfire, turning to resentment if it is not acknowledged or appreciated or draining us of so much energy that we can become physically ill. So use this new moon to assess how you are serving others and how you are serving yourself. By looking after you first, you can help others so much more practically and genuinely.

It is an excellent time to check in with others, especially for those still in lockdown. How can you be of service to those who may really need some help right now?

This new moon sees a very positive aspect being made to it and the sun by the planet Uranus in the sign of Taurus. Uranus is also in retrograde motion. In combination with this trine aspect, we can easily access information from the past that can bring forth the birthing of new ideas, new influences, and new ways to manage the systems and resources we use in our everyday lives. We may be able to think outside our usual constructs and confines and expand our minds enough to bring about entirely new ideas and ways of doing things. You could use this new moon energy to ask for inspiration, ideas and insight in approaching a problem from the past that you may now be ready to rectify. The timing can also help us gain new perspectives, perhaps on and about ideas we may not have previously considered. Maybe we can use it as a tool for self-discovery.

The planet Mercury rules Virgo, and during this full moon, Mercury will be in opposition to Chiron and is also on his way to becoming retrograde- where he appears backward in the sky. Mercury retrograde won't actually happen until September 28th, but he is slowing down now and getting ready for hibernation, so to speak. We call the pre retrograde shadow time, where the things that will come up for review when he goes retrograde are being gathered and collated now. On a personal level, this can help us all slow down our minds a little and take stock.

Mercury is in the sign of Libra, so our minds are looking for balance, some peace and harmony. In opposition to Chiron in Aries, we are being asked to balance who we think we should be with who we really are, to find our inner truth and heal any parts of our negative self-talk that could be wounding our sense of identity. This new moon offers us an opportunity to evaluate and discern whether you are thinking for yourself and speaking your truth or thinking what others- parents, peers, social media- suggest you should think. Where is your thinking out of balance? Where is it wounded, and how can you restore balance?

If you need to make some significant decisions, this new moon is probably not the best time. Chiron is clouding Mercury, and Neptune is still making a wide opposition to the moon, leaving us with a little fog around our ability to be really clear. The fog is lifting, but it is still there, preventing us from seeing 100% clearly, so you will be better placed if you can hold on until after September 7th.

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