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New Moon in Scorpio. Where the Wild Things Are

This is a rather special new moon period, asking us to find the courage to go deep into ourselves individually and collectively and explore where the wild things are. To swim around in the sometimes murky waters of our deepest, most subconscious and often hidden and repressed parts of ourselves in an effort to bring to the surface that which needs transformation

The new moon will occur at 12 degrees of Scorpio on November the 5th in Australia at 7.20 am.

Just prior to the new moon, on Nov 1st, Mars, one of the rulers of Scorpio, moves out of diplomatic and polite Libra and into the sign of Scorpio. Mars will ramp up and provide us all with a strong activation into the Scorpio realms as we approach the New Moon. Many of the themes that come up during this new moon will culminate when the moon is full in partial eclipse in the sign of Taurus, two weeks from now. This is our last new moon before we start eclipse season.

In popular astrology, you often see Scorpio represented by the darkly mysterious and spooky things in life. There is no doubting these energies can absolutely be a part of the Scorpionic narrative; however, at its core, Scorpio is about living as closely and as honestly as possible to our shadows.

Scorpio at its core is about going deep, facing the parts of ourselves we may have preferred to have kept hidden. This new moon offers us the opportunity to face the shadow parts of ourselves in a new way and confront any shame, wounds, or deep hurts we have been holding onto.

There are no quick fixes with this kind of work; these processes which are really about deep transformation, take time, in fact, they are really the work of a lifetime, but now we have a new moon, enabling us to take a step, commit to stepping into our shadows and being prepared to deal and heal.

This new moon is kind of like The Force is with you, offering you an opportunity to work through what you face and gain new insights and understandings. This may be the time for example that we commit to a therapeutic process, see a psychologist work through past trauma, work with energy healers, and be an active participant in your own personal healing in whatever way it works for you.

Transformation takes time; creating sustainable long term change takes time, there are no quick fixes, but if there is a skin you feel no longer fits you, this is the time to start shedding that skin like a snake. Scorpio as energy is private, reclusive and fixed so this could be a very intense personal time.

This new moon also represents themes around the collective that we have been dealing with all year. It has not been an easy couple of years on this planet. We have all changed by the experiences of the last few years, and this new moon is offering us the opportunity to heal any wounds we feel around the new world we find ourselves in. This is an opportunity to discover how we are changing and shifting and deal with whatever residue may be still lying under the surface.

I believe the more we think we know about life's mysteries and try to work out what life is all about, the more we think we know, in actual fact, the less we realise we know. The everlasting journey of transformation is accentuated by this new moon but lasts a lifetime. Surrendering into the process of perpetual change, rather than seeing it as an uncomfortable metamorphosis- without attachment to the outcome, is the key

In opposition to the sun and moon, we have Uranus's mover and shaker energy at exactly 12 degrees of Taurus. We associate Uranus with sudden and unexpected changes and surprises, and this may well be true. We may have sudden flashes of insight, an out of the blue discovery about ourselves or we may suddenly find out something that has been buried, been hidden. However, when Uranus is in Taurus, it may also manifest as shaking up our core structures and foundations. We might be asked to question the foundations and structures we have built around us and how these are or are not serving us.

What have we built our metaphoric house on? What are our foundations like? Have we taken shortcuts that are now starting to show the cracks in the walls? Our structures and foundations may well feel rickety at this time, and this is therefore an excellent new moon to do some repair work to our foundations or literally tear the whole things down and start again.

How have we sought our security, and is that serving our inner needs to do intense, in-depth work that Scorpio asks of us?

At the time of the new moon, Mercury, the planet of communications, is at the end degrees of Libra, and Venus is at the end degrees of Sagittarius. They are making harmonious sextile energy to one another, enabling us to have open, honest dialogue with ourselves and within our relationships. They are really offering a helping hand in expressing ourselves honestly, with love and opportunity for growth. The ability to express new revelations and insights we may have discovered about ourselves is heightened at this time.

One of the conversations that may come up during this new moon is that around money.

Scorpio is also about shared resources, how our dynamic plays out in relationships with others around the energetic principle of sharing a bank account with another person and what this means.

When we are at the stage in a relationship where we are sharing and pooling our resources, we've usually gone beyond the falling in love stage ( of Libra). We are now more intimately bonded with another. Sharing resources such as money with another requires trust and honesty and can create power play and control issues if one has more financial or resourceful clout than the other.

This is a time for setting up new agendas around how you may want to approach these areas in your life. What are your deep-held values around money and how you make or invest money, and how do you show up in this space with another person?

This is an excellent time for checking in as to whether you and your partner, intimate or business partner, have the same values around money and financial resources.

Conversations you start in this area can culminate over the next 2 weeks as we move toward the full moon in Taurus, highlighting and issues we may need to confront and face around our financial values within ourselves and with others,

You will have all heard Scorpio having been associated with Sex. Scorpio's association with Sex is linked to the strong bonding during Sex, where trivialities are pushed aside, and intense connection and emotion arise. The new moon allows us to think about the role sex plays in our lives especially where our boundaries are in alignment or not, and contemplate whether we are getting our sexual needs met.

It is a positive time to look within and confront your values around Sex and explore whether these are serving you positively or negatively. We can make adjustments now in this area and initiate conversations with partners that we may not have had the courage to have in the past. Remember Scorpio is about facing all issues that one might consider taboo and dealing with them. This new moon can certainly be utilised to start a conversation, a dialogue or initiating something new in this area.

So yes this new moon is intense, we may be faced with unexpected surprises but we can utalise this transformative energy is such profound ways if we chose to.

I just want to let you know, I am going to start winding down after December the 10th. So if you have been considering getting a reading or think someone in your life might like a chart reading, jump onto to book or email me regarding gift vouchers. I will still be running my free mini reading give away for new subscribers throughout November, so if you haven't subscribe to my newsletter for you chance to potentially receive a free mini reading.

Use this new moon to delve deep but remember to be kind to yourself and others

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