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New Moon in Sagittarius: Hopes and Dreams

Get ready to do some serious intention setting, tapping into your forward-thinking imaginations and creative drives to focus on the big picture ahead for 2024 with this New Moon in Sagittarius, which will mostly be felt by the mutable signs of the zodiac: Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

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As we harness this last New Moon for the year, it is a perfect time to think about what we would like 2024 to hold for us. It will be quite a year with some significant astrological shifts that I will be commenting about soon. Meanwhile, embrace this end of Saggie Season too.

If you are interested in what 2024 holds for you specifically, I am taking bookings now for early into 2024. It can be an excellent opportunity to learn how to consciously ride the waves coming your way, to help you prepare and ponder on what questions the Universe is asking of you now.

The New Moon in Sagittarius occurs in Australia, Easter Standard Time on the 13th of December at 10.32 am. This New Moon holds powerful Sagittarius energy as we have the Sun, Moon and Mars in Sagittarius. Being a New Moon is a brilliant opportunity to harness themes of expansion opportunity and to integrate the wisdom we have accumulated this year into ourselves as we step forward into the year ahead. This New Moon allows us to take stock of how our belief structures have or have not served us. How have we navigated the path we have walked down to arrive at our version of the truth?

Sagittarius energy is a lot about faith, faith in the Universe, spirit, whatever you like to call it, that gives your life meaning and direction. Saggie energy being about faith can enable you to embark on a new path with confidence all will be okay. We can tap into this New Moon energy to integrate something new; it offers a chance to incorporate new philosophies into your belief structure that will take you forward positively and upliftingly. Look to see where 20 degrees of Sagittarius is in your chart to gauge what area in your life is asking for new philosophical perspectives.

With the ruling planet of Saggitarius, Jupiter being in Taurus, it could be an opportunity to set some new intentions around how we think about and how we utilise our financial resources. This could be an excellent time to set new financial goals for ourselves.

Daily life can lead us to spend most of our time concerned for the mundane areas of life. Still, this New Moon, with so much Saggie energy and with an aspect from mystical Neptune in the mix, asks us to ponder how we may be able to view our philosophies with new eyes, how we can learn, grow and evolve. Where can we expand our philosophical and spiritual truths and practices ? What do we believe is possible for us that we may not have dared believe was possible before? Sag loves to learn, explore and expand our awareness, so this is very much what is being asked of out right now: to push ourselves beyond our comfort zones in the hope that we will find an enlightening part of ourselves we may not have known existed. Where do we need to be philosophically and spiritually courageous? The Sun and Moon are in a harmonious aspect to the North Node, which can offer us some real opportunity for growth in these areas on a soul level.

However, we need to be careful with Neptune here to be wary of where we may also deceive ourselves, where we may be wearing our rose-coloured glasses too much and not seeing reality for what it is, so this is worth being aware of. Where could we be deceiving ourselves in these areas as well? Where might we need more practicality rather than just blind faith and belief? With Neptune playing a significant role during this New Moon, we may be wise to question whether we are really being honest with ourselves.

On a more mundane level, this is an excellent time for some blue sky brainstorming and defining our big picture goals for the upcoming year. We can use this time to actively meditate on what you want to manifest for yourself in the upcoming year. Again, with Neptune in the mix, it is worth considering what is realistic and what may not be realistic.

This is a brilliant time for dreaming and thinking about what is possible whilst waiting for the Sun to move into Capricorn later in the month, which will allow us to start making plans to bring our vision into reality. With Mars in Sagittarius as well, this is very much a time to think about how we would like to actively participate in our lives, how we would like to prepare for opportunities that come our way, and where we should feel more comfortable about taking new risks, learning new things, allowing ourselves to grow and evolve.

But lets not also forget this is also a time to allow ourselves to have some fun. With the World being in such a dark place, many of us are feeling an overwhelming collective heaviness. This New moon is a reminder that we should still look for light, especially when life is dark. Its ok to let our hair down once in a while and celebrate with loved ones, to hold those who are dear to us, close to our hearts and celebrate the good we have whilst we have it.

I hope this New Moon brings you all ou wish and hope for.

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