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New Moon in Pisces. Feb 3rd. Hope for Collective Compassion

A few days ago, I believed I would be offering a very different post to the one I am doing today. Looking at the planetary line up for the next new moon, I was struck by the combination of both planetary rulers of Pisces, Jupiter and Neptune and both the sun and the moon meeting up together in this deep watery mutable sign.

I had hoped that this would offer us a time of deep reflection and potential healing as this is an incredibly isnficant new moon, the last for the current astrological year.

Pisces energy signifies the end of a cycle, and I had hoped we would be talking about the incredible opportunity that this new moon could offer us for healing and reflection of the past 12 months.

All planets are now in a forward motion, and we have a combination of planetary lines up that are pretty different from the energies we have been working with over the past two years. The energy was ripe for stepping into a new paradigm, with more freedom, buoyant with hope and healing. Instead, we have been struck with the news of Russia's invasion of Ukraine. Now we face deep fear and uncertainty, which wraps around the collective consciousness…. Haven't we been through enough?


The new moon in Pisces occurs in Australia on March 3rd at 4.25 am. On the same day, Venus and Mars ( the god of war) meet up with Pluto, the underworld god in the sign of Capricorn. This symbology is poignant as these planets are all in the sign that rules our political systems and leaders. This placing can represent a theme of domination, power, and control, the archetypal dictator.

I didn’t want to spend too much time talking about global politics and its astrology; this is not my area of strength. However, I want to talk about what the combination of these planets lined up in Capricorn WITH the sun, moon, Jupiter and Neptune together in Pisces may mean for us personally and collectively.

This combination will ignite our collective fear and our collective compassion and deep feelings for all those who may suffer due to this dictatorial domination attempt. We are all going to FEEL this new moon deeply. I want to offer some light, hope and potential for using this new moon energy to motivate us to have more compassion, tolerance and taping into our collective imaginations to dream up a new way forward.


Pisces is all about our connection to the wholeness of the universe, to the fullness of our collective experience. We can and should use this new moon energy both personally and collectively to meditate, pray, manifest and wish for a better outcome. Is it possible that this may unite the world in a new way to put aside our past differences and collectively establish a new paradigm?

Pisces is the archetypal healer, saviour, Christ-like energy. More than any other sign, Pisces can delve into and feel the collective consciousness and alternate realities. With four planetary bodies in this sign, we have an opportunity to expand our collective consciousness toward healing, love and a movement toward peace.

Pisces and one of its rulers, Neptune, rules the imagination. Jupiter, the other ruler of Pisces, rules story telling philosophising.

On the flip side with Mars, Venus and Pluto in Capricorn, I suspect we will see much rising of collective energy and demands on Government institutions all around the world. At the same time, during this new moon we have Mercury and Saturn exactly together in the sign of Aquarius. The immediate image that comes to mind when these two are together is of really getting the messaging right.

This is a time for free imaginative daydreaming, of allowing yourself to be vulnerable and idealistic. We have a great opportunity to nurture ourselves and others with healing energy, compassion, sensitivity to feel at one with the world.

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