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New Moon in Gemini- Stretch Your Mind

For this New Moon in Gemini, I am exploring Spain's streets, treats and delights with my Gemini partner in crime. We are walking, talking, listening to new languages and exploring the neighbourhoods of Madrid, a fantastic way to embrace this New Moon energy.

A Gemini New Moon is a beautiful opportunity to set new intentions around embracing new information, sharing ideas and opening our doors of communication.

Sometimes it is not until we are in a foreign country that we realise how much of our communication and understanding of others we perhaps take for granted; we are primed to ensure we relay messages with clarity for understanding, which is exactly what this New Moon energy can help us with.

The New Moon in Gemini occurs in Australia on the 18th of June at 6.37 am and in the US on EDT at 12.37 am. It will fall at 26 degrees of Gemini, so see where that is in your chart to determine where this New Moon will be most active for you.

This New Moon will also be most significantly felt by those with a strong emphasis on mutable signs in the chart, being Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces.

Gemini, the sign of the twins, is ruled by Mercury, who is now also in the sign of Gemini, which will add an extra level of Gemini energy to this New Moon period. With the Sun, Moon and Mercury in Gemini, we are primed to get out our journals, start writing that new blog, and bring our active minds into focus on a new intention, especially those that require relaying messages of any kind.

Gemini energy is all about perception, how we perceive the world around us and the information we glean from the perceptions we make and then how we relay that information back out to the world.

This can be an incredible period for taking stock of how we choose to take in information about the world around us, how we may let biases colour our world view and where we could perhaps become more open in our understanding of what colours our thoughts, both positively and negatively.

This theme of perception may be particularly important and challenging during this New Moon phase as the Sun and Moon are in a square aspect to Neptune. Neptune at this time could cause our thinking to be less straightforward than usual. We may have periods of feeling like we are in a mental fog. Therefore, The challenge is not necessarily pushing the mental agenda but surrendering a little and allowing the messages to come in without judgement. Neptune is all about surrendering to a higher force, so for this New Moon, we are offered a chance to open our minds to new perceptions. We can do this via mediation and being open, but at the same time, we are warned, with Neptune’s influence to be aware of being vulnerable to illusionary states, deceptions and misinformation, both from ourselves and from others

We will be wise to stay open to receiving new information but also to be aware and discerning with it, questioning things and ensuring we are not walking around with rose-coloured mental glasses on. It is a period in which we should double-check the details.

As for communication, Gemini is the sign of relaying information, whether via talking, writing, or any other form we chose to get our messages across. At this time, we may need to be extra vigilant in how and what we want to relay, as Neptune could confuse our messages and thinking.

As with any New Moon, however, it is all about setting new intentions.

We can work with this New Moon to tap into, focus and write down the plans we may have to take us through to the rest of the year, considering we are now about halfway. This can be a great time to take stock of where we are at regarding the ideas and goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year.

This is also an excellent time to get creative with the words and the mediums we use to express ourselves, with both Mars and Venus in Leo; getting creative with our verbal and written expression is on the cards now.

Connecting with people we have not seen for a while and having a good old chat is also a wonderful expression of this New Moon energy. We can set some intentions around extending our communication to others, reconnecting and checking in with those we love.

Gemini loves the new and exploring new ideas, and learning new things. Set some intentions now around committing to learning new things, taking that course you have been thinking about or simply expanding your mind by delving into new books, podcasts or movies.

Embrace this active mental energy at this time and enjoy making the most of this New Moon in Gemini.

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