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NEW MOON IN CAPRICORN Build Foundations, Illuminate Ambitions!

Are you looking forward to this New Moon in Capricron, I certainly am. I have really been able to ride this Capricorn wave and am feeling more focused than I have for some time. Mars in Capricorn is an excellent ally to help ground my usually flighty, distracting energy and set some goals I have wanted to achieve into motion, which this New Moon will help solidify.

For those of you who missed it, I have created a full 2024 Astrology Calendar. It covers all the major astrology dates, including Lunar phases, eclipse dates and all dates for planetary sign changes. You can download it here:

_Astrology Monthly 2024 Calendar
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In the back ground I have also been super busy pulling together my upcoming free intro to astrology workshop and the subsequent 10 week “ Charting the Basics” immersive interactive beginner course, designed to help you learn the basics whilst diving into your own astrology chart. There will be more information about this coming soon.

This is the beginning of our New Moon Cycle for the year so I do encourage you if you feel inclined to really use this to focus and set your intentions on what you would like to achieve for the year. There will be some big shifts, and one of the main ones, Pluto entering Aquarius on the 20th, happening very soon. As with any outer planet shifting signs, it will affect us both personally and collectively. I will offer much more about this shortly, but this is a significant transformational energy shift in an air sign. We are moving from a more introspective and passive phase into a more extrospective and active phase.

So in honour of this wonderful earthy Capricorn energy, which is one of the most forthright, practical and steadfast signs of the zodiac, hardworking, determined, strong and ambitious, use this New Moon to tap into this lunar energy to strategise, plan, prepare and plant the seeds for whatever you want to see grow in 2024.

The New Moon in Capricorn occurs on the east coast of Australia at 10.58pm on the 11th of January and will occur at 20 degrees Capricorn, so look to see where you have between 17- 25 degrees of Capricorn in your chart to glimpse where you may be able to invite and activate this energy. Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer Libra and Capricorn will also be most impacted.

This is the first New Moon of the year, making it extra special for setting intentions and getting into action. This a special time for really embracing all those wonderful qualities of our earthy cardinal Capricorn energy and seek ways in which we may want to set intentions around how we are executing our discipline.

If there are habits we want to change this year, this New Moon in Capricorn is a beautiful time to set the intention for change and access the wells of inner discipline within to enact the change we wish to see. We can really meditate on where and what changes we would like to see in our lives and how we will access and utilise the discipline to do so.

Being a New Moon in an Earth sign, I love to write these intentions out, bury them in the ground, and plant seeds over the top. The blossoming of the plant becomes the physical reminder of the intention set. It can be mighty powerful to watch that plant grow.

However, be reminded that we can often put a lot of pressure on ourselves during heavy Capricorn transits, pressure to set resolutions, achieve goals, get moving, doing all the things. As much as we can use this energy in this way, it is also a time merely to think about the changes we want to make, to set intentions perhaps without placing too much undue pressure on ourselves.

With Uranus in the mix of this New Moon, this is all about doing what is right for you, not what everyone else wants for you and being the Moon we are working with, it's all about how you are feeling. So perhaps one of the intentions to set is as simple as thinking about how you want to feel in the year ahead.

With Mars, our planet of action, also in the sign of Capricorn, our will is certainly more directed toward aligning our ambitions with purpose, tapping into our inner strength and wisdom we have acquired over the years and finding the goals that resonate most deeply with who we are at our core. We can think about how we would like to achieve that which requires patience and long-term vision and aligns with our growth and soul happiness.

One of Capricorn's key qualities and lessons it can teach many of us is the utilisation of accessing and working with boundaries. Creating safe and healthy boundaries that help nourish your soul is often elusive for many of us, preferring to “ give in” to others' demands rather than pay honour to our needs. Therefore, this is an excellent time to work with the concept of boundaries in your life, how you would like to integrate them more concretely into your life and what you may need to do to make this change.

We have extra help during this New Moon from a lovely harmonious aspect from Uranus in Taurus making a trine to both the Sun and the Moon. This energy will allow us to interact with our goals, think outside the box, try new approaches, and access the goals that help us align with being our most authentic selves. This energy will allow us to accept change more gracefully.

This is a beautiful alignment for focusing on personal growth and liberation, especially about practical, grounded daily life matters. We can now explore how we can break free from limiting beliefs again to be aligned with our most authentic version of ourselves.

On a mundane level, with Uranus being in Taurus in harmony with this Capricorn energy, we also find opportunities to gain positive ideas or insight around our material and financial resources and again to find ways to break free from self-imposed limitations around these themes.

Saturn the ruler of Capricron also comes to the New Moon theme in a couple of ways. To start, Saturn in Pisces will be in harmonious aspect to both Jupiter in Taurus and Mars in Capricorn during this New Moon.  This energy gives us extra impetus to build a strong foundation for whatever goals we want to enact. The duality of Jupiter and Mars in earth signs combine well for doing groundwork, setting secure intentions, and building strong foundations, but also for integrating compassion with determination.

There is an extra reminder to focus on such themes as we also have the Sun and Moon in a semi-square aspect to Saturn, which is a nuanced interplay of energy at this time that asks us to find ways to integrate balance, structure, playing by the rules, with compassion and empathy. This energy reminds us to pursue our goals with integrity whilst always being mindful of our actions' effects on others.

Overall I feel positively about this New Moon and its invitation to harness change within, to think about how we want to feel, how we would like to grow, what foundations we need to put in place, what boundaries we may need to honour and how we can embrace the new that is coming.

For additional help in setting your goals and working with your best potential, give yourself the gift of a Professional Astrology Consultation. We will look at the year ahead for you specifically and how you can best work with the major astrological changes such as Pluto moving through Aquarius. My books are now open. Head to

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