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New Moon in Aries

The new moon will be in the sign of Aries, joining the sun at 22 degrees Aries on April 12th at 12.27 pm Australian Eastern standard time.

As with the sun moving into Aries, which marks the beginning of a new astrological year, the moon now joins the sun and reemphasises the potential and opportunity to take action, start new projects.

The new moon offers us the opportunity to set our intentions to bring things to fruition, either in the short term ( by the next full moon) or in longer-term.

I highly recommend writing down our intentions to help consolidate our goals.

Aries is the first of the fire signs; it is initiatory solid energy, so with the new moon, this is an excellent time to activate.

The moon joins the sun, mercury, venus and Chiron all together in Aries…. This is A LOT of Aries energy. It is fast-moving, it's about taking action and moving forward, unlike some of the more recent energies where we may have felt as though we were getting nowhere fast.

We can move, act, motivate, communicate, love and heal faster and with gusto whilst all these planets are together in this firey sign.

The Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will be affected the most significantly during this new moon, so if you have any of your personal planets in these signs, they can be fired up now.

Just after this new moon, there will be harmonious trine energy to Jupiter on the 16th, which will significantly help consolidate and solidify plans or activities we initiate during this time. In essence, this is a very constructive new moon enabling us to get things done without some of the frustrations we may have faced earlier in the year.

We need to be careful not to become obsessive about our goals and activity during this new moon. We have a tricky aspect to Pluto, which may have us feeling somewhat unsettled.

Be mindful of power-play dynamics, particularly in your relationships; there may be some negotiations that need to occur, especially around independence issues.

If you feel locked in or stifled in your intimate relationships, this new moon will undoubtedly stir up this pot. Use it to assess whether or not the relationship serves you and enables you to be your best self.

In truth, this is not a brilliant time for relationships, mainly because we are being asked to be self-focused, on our desires and needs rather than those of the other. This may also mean we don't feel overly social as a result.

We can all find a little more courage and bravery at the moment, to start something new or to put into place any personal goals we wish to fulfil and to take risks we may not usually be willing to take.

Self-expression can take on a new tone; if there are things that have been unsaid but needs expression, this is an excellent time to do so, however, think things through first; there could be a tendency to spurt out words without thinking, so do be careful.

If you feel like you need an adventure like many of us, this is the time to go for it or at least plan it.

If you have been putting off that exercise regime you have planned all year, this is the time to get moving.

Aries as a sign very rarely apologises for their bold, direct and forthright manner.

The sign by nature is independent, energetic, and self-sufficient, so if you need to access these kinds of qualities, now is the time.

Aries is all about the relationship we are having with ourselves, our self-confidence, ability to assert our will and feel that we are 'seen and heard in the world.

If your confidence needs a boost and you tend toward negative self-talk, this is the time to focus on some positive affirmations that can help turn the ' I can't, I won't,I'm scared into I can, I will, I am brave. Spend time flipping your negative prattle into its opposite, write down the positive affirmation and place it on your mirror to repeat to yourself each time you look in the mirror.

At its essence, this is fresh start energy so enjoy the opportunity to forge ahead, start new projects and shape this energy to serve you however you may need it.

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