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New Moon in Aquarius. What do you want your future to look like?

The new moon in Aquarius will occur in Australia on n Feb 02 at 4.46 am.

The period leading up to and shortly after this new moon sees some significant astrological changes that will also affect the flavour of how this new moon manifests.

We have a focus on planets in Capricorn, with Mars having moved into the sign on the 24th and Venus moving back into Capricorn but stationing direct on the 29th. On Feb 04, a few days after the full moon, Mercury moves forward again also. This will be a welcome shift if we have felt stuck or held back, especially in our relationships and communication.

As with all new moons, this is a period of setting intentions around the themes represented by the sign and the planetary relationships happening with the moon simultaneously. So what are we in for?

I have thought long and hard about this new moon and can't help but continuously come back to the question of ''What do we want our future to look like, both on a collective and personal level?'' This theme feels particularly strong for the new moon as we have strong Aquarian and Capricorn energy coexisting.

The sun in Aquarius is sitting next to Saturn a co-ruler of Aquarius, and we have Mars, Venus, Mercury (although still retrograde) all in Capricorn, also ruled by Saturn. Meanwhile, as the other ruler of Aquarius, Uranus is sitting in Taurus. Head spinning yet. Ok, to me, all these combined energies are offering us a choice. Aquarius as a sign is very much about society but so is Capricorn and its co-ruling planet Saturn. The world to me feels completely divided between the themes of these signs and the ruling planets of Aquarius, Saturn and Uranus being in square energy with each other all of last year.

If Capricorn and Saturn are the establishments, Aquarius and Uranus are anti-establishment. Together these energetic principles have been weaving in and out of the collective consciousness for the last few years. Now on a more micro level, this full moon asks us, among other things, what do we want the future to look like? How will we integrate the abundance of new technologies into our lives and maintain our humanity? After having had so much breakdown around us, how are we going to shape the future? Using a classic quote by Einstein that is probably more true today than ever, ''we can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used to create them.'' This quote rings so true to me as a representation of Aquarian energy. We can ask ourselves this question personally as well, where we might need to think differently in our lives, especially if we want our future to look different from what it does now. Where can we think outside the box?

Setting intentions for the new moon, we can work toward what we would like to change in our

thinking structures. Aquarius energy is also about looking forward to our hopes, wishes and future visions and making improvements, tweaks and changes to bring us closer to our vision, ideals and ideas about the future.

Aquarius is also about science and technology, so utilising new methods or a new piece of technology to help you achieve your goals is enhanced here.

This new moon is also very much about reflecting on what we are ''called'' to do, especially toward a larger collective or humanitarian purpose. Is there anything that is ''calling'' you at the moment or that you have perhaps been ignoring? Now is the time to look forward and discover what you may feel your calling truly is and how you can plan to achieve it It may also be a time to think and set an intention around how you would like to contribute to any causes you are passionate about

If we need to renew review or reconnect with friends, this is an excellent time to make and set intentions around our social structures, friendship groups, and tribes.

We can also think about how we work within group dynamics. We can question whether we feel we are too focused on what the group or the collective wants and expects of us at the expense of our individuality and uniqueness. Do you speak your truth in the collective or group sense or go along with the flow? How are these dynamics working for or against you at this time?

Aquarius is the sign of revolution, of rebellion. One of Aquariuses greatest assets in my mind is the energy push it offers to open up our minds and accept change, diversity, integration of the disenfranchised and how our systems support or hinder this essence for the future. So use this new moon to think about and meditate on what you would like your future to look like because this is the time to set and establish new thinking patterns that can lay the foundations for a different looking future.

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