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Libran Full Moon. Healing, balance and a return to love

The Full Moon in Libra occurs in Australia on the 6th of April at 2.34 pm and in the US Pacific time, 12.34am the same morning.

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Libran Full Moon Workbook 2023
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Fifteen years ago, during this Libran Aries full moon, I actively put out into the universe who I would like to attract for my next relationship. After much healing and self-growth after my divorce, I felt ready. I spent time releasing habits I had taken into relationships I no longer wanted to carry. I also did some serious manifestation exercises around potentially finding my next love. Two weeks later, I met the man that was to become my husband, and 15 years later, we are still very happy with each other. However, we always compromise in relationships, and it is necessary to do so. With this upcoming Full Moon, one of the questions we all face is how much we compromise and potentially lose our sense of self. How authentic are we to our true selves whilst balancing the needs of the other? The Aries singular focus attempts to find balance with the Libran duality, other people focus.

I have created my Full Moon in Libra FREE workbook for you to download and help you work through some of these polarities in your life and your relationships. The workbook is also designed to help you release and let go of any traits that may be holding you back from authentic relationships with yourself and with another—a special bonus if your natal Moon is in Libra. A section is designed to help you know your Libran Moon better and specific questions just for you.

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