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LIBRAN FULL MOON ECLIPSE: Illuminating Relationships

Its eclipse season and we begin with a Full Mon Lunar eclipse at 5 degrees of Libra occurring on March 25th.

This is the third eclipse occurring across the Aries Libra Axis, and themes and questions about our individual autonomy and relationship harmony are now up for consideration. We first began this cycle of the Aries Libra eclipse in April 2023, where the initial questions were set for exploration. This axis theme has had us confronting issues around self-reliance and asserting our individuality. However, now we explore the opposite side and navigate how we dance between ourselves and the other, how we balance our need for autonomy with a need to connect.

With a trine from Pluto in Aquarius, this particular eclipse offers a potent blend of emotional intensity, transformation and possible evolution both personally and collectively.

This eclipse is a time to ponder a myriad of questions about the themes of relationships in our lives, not only our intimate relationships but all relationships where the ‘other’ is reflecting back to us lessons and themes we are encouraged to face about ourselves. Relationships can be hard, and being in them or not being in them can also be hard. Therefore, in my Libra Full Moon Workbook, I have devised 30 questions to help you reflect on the themes of relationships in your life.


Libra Full Moon Eclipse Workbook 2024
Download PDF • 29.92MB

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The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse occurs on the 25th of March at 6.00pm Australian Eastern Time and will occur at 5 degrees of Libra. So look to see where you have between 0-10 degrees of Libra or indeed any of the planets in the Cardinal signs of Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn as this is where the alchemy of personal evolution unfolds.

During a lunar eclipse, we are encouraged to embrace what unfolds. This is a time of accepting rather than resisting whatever revelations come to us now. Rather than pushing against this tide of energy, this is a time for absorbing and reflecting on how we can harness what comes to us now. Even if the events now may not initially feel welcomed, the point with eclipses is that when significant events occur, they are pushing us toward what we need in our evolutionary journey. Sit with it as themes that arise are now are designed to push us out of stagnant patterns and toward forward momentum. If the eclipse reveals aspects of our lives that no longer serve us, rather than resist, it is best to release them and move forward gracefully

With the Full Moon in Libra opposite the Sun in Aries, the most significant themes now will occur around themes that directly relate to the energies of these signs: relationships and our individuality. With the Fu.ll Moon in Libra, ruled by Venus, the planet associated with love and beauty, we might be prompted to connect with what brings us genuine joy especially in joy in our relationships with others. We can question and reflect on whether we are experiencing genuine heart connections and honest communication. Libra is all about connection and, indeed, getting to know more about ourselves via our relationship with one another. But for Libra energy to work at its best, the relationship must reflect back with love and acceptance and a willingness to understand and support one another. This is a time to consider where the scales may be tipped too far on one side.

We many need to question relationships that could  hinder our growth and evolution. This is very much a  time to consider what circumstances, actions, barriers or questions around relationships, relating and connecting with others might be keeping us from reaching our highest potential

Libra energy can be too strongly geared toward people pleasing, toward finding peace at any cost and therefore suppressing our real needs or speaking our truths. So this is a period in which we can consider how we may have been suppressing or holding back what needs to be said. How far are we going in our attempts to keep the peace and are we losing ourselves in the process?

We can also consider how much we may be absorbing or taking on the energy of others we are in close relationship with. We all become affected by the energy of those around us, but there can be periods in which we take on too much, once again perhaps suppressing our own energy, which can very much affect us on many levels. In Libra, we learn to connect, to relate, but it needs to be a fair exchange of energy. This eclipse may have us more readily recognising where energy exchange is out of balance. Taking a lesson from Aries, we are encouraged to establish healthy boundaries to safeguard our energy from becoming too aligned with another's energy. We need to learn to recognise and honour our own energy to protect it without isolating ourselves from valuable connections.

This eclipse serves as an opportunity to evaluate all our relationships and the boundaries within them. As you navigate this eclipse, centre yourself and acknowledge your completeness independent of others. Reflect on your relationships—are they nurturing or draining? Where do adjustments or firmer boundaries need to be established? Relationships evolve, and what once worked may now require attention.

Aries, the opposite sign to Libra offers us many valuable lessons to connect with our inner truth and evaluate our personal needs from those of others. This is an opportunity to consider how our relationships contribute to our lives and where compromises may be necessary without compromising our authentic selves. Libra seeks balance and balance is best achieved when both parties can maintain their individuality whilst supporting and honouring the individuality in the other as well.

This is not always easy to achieve, however, and therefore, we can spend some time during this eclipse thinking about what needs in us are not being met and, indeed, what needs we have in a relationships that is non-negotiable. At the same time it is also important to consider where and how we could possibly be putting too much emphasis on some of our personal needs and where we could possibly need to adjust or learn to compromise more. This is a time to assess which relationships may need adjustment or release around these themes.

Are we holding onto resentments? Are there aspects in our relationship with others that could use a good dose of forgiveness? What needs healing? Relationships require nurturing of ourselves, the other, and the dynamics of the relationship itself. This eclipse offers opportunity for forgiveness and healing but equally might also pave the way for recognising where things have passed a point of no return, where the relationship may have reached a natural conclusion.

Love can be painful, and all of us, at some time or another, have wanted to protect our hearts; this is only natural. However, this might be a question now to ask ourselves: how far are we going in protecting our hearts? What barriers are we placing up that may prevent love from coming in? With the Sun in Aries, we are encouraged to face these questions bravely and expand our hearts to enable more profound interactions with others. What might you still need to forgive about yourself or, indeed, from a past relationship that can help you open your heart to receiving new love?

This eclipse involves the energies of both Aries and Libra, representing opposing forces. Aries urges boldness, self-reliance, and decisive action, emphasising the power to overcome obstacles. Conversely, Libra emphasises inner peace, harmony, and the importance of shared experiences. Aries needs to learn to let others in, to act in service for the self and in relation to the other. Meanwhile, Libra has to learn to become more independent and stand on their own two feet.

During this eclipse, Pluto, our planet of transformation, is harmoniously positioned with the Moon and the Sun. This offers us a wonderful opportunity to revisit past wounds, pain, themes, and limiting beliefs about relationships and to reflect on what we can learn, heal, and release, which in turn will bring us a chance to reclaim personal power.

In a similar vein, Pluto's presence during this eclipse may also offer us more clarity and truth around the realities of relationships that are not serving us productively. PLutos presence is a wonderful tool for reassessing and even finding the courage to let go of relationships that are hindering our personal growth.

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