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Libra Season: What's love got to do with it?

It's Libra season, a time when we traditionally focus on relationships.

Accordingly, I was recently a guest on The Quantum Living Podcast, where we discussed relationships: different types of relationships, our conscious and unconscious needs and how astrology can help us navigate our personal relationship needs and help us understand the needs of our significant partners.

The link to the podcast, which I think is fun and insightful, is here

—perfectly timed to coincide with this Libra Season.

This season is action-packed. We have many changes, but unlike the feelings of inner reflection and possible stagnation, as we have been experiencing with so many planets in retrograde,

we gain some forward momentum and perspective for balancing our individual needs with the needs we may be meeting or not as the case may be, within our significant relationships.

It's all about balance as we experience the Spring Equinox in the Southern Hemisphere and the Sun moves into Libra Season on September 23rd. We are marking the moment when the length of night and day are the same; they are in balance, and this is a

time to evaluate where we may need more balance in our lives and where we may be out of balance.

Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet representing how we attract and express love; it tells us about our love language. We have all just experienced Venus being in retrograde, which seemed to have a profound effect on many people, bringing up issues or people from the past and also asking us to reflect internally on our relationship needs. Now it is moving forward again in Leo with the Sun in Libra; its time to apply what we learned when Venus was retrograde and creatively find ways to express what we need to with the people we love.

Venus also rules what we find aesthetically pleasing and how we engage with and what beauty means in our lives.

The theme of balance extends this season to all areas of life. By nature, Libra perceives both sides of any situation and weighs both sides. Libra is also an air sign, so we may find ourselves thinking about where we need to make compromises, how we attend to the decision-making processes in our life and where we need more objectivity in life.

Libra is the sign associated with the important relationships in our lives.

The axis of Aries and Libra is all about the self and the other and how we achieve a balance between our individual needs and the needs we have in relationships.

This theme will be particularly strong during the Aries Full Moon in Australia on September 29th at 7.57pm. There will be much more about this in my separate post.

On October 5th in Australia, Mercury our planet of communication, also moves into Libra. This will offer us a chance for diplomatic thinking and how we achieve greater perspectives and better balance in our communication styles.

However, it may also colour our decision-making processes. We may feel more inclined to take time to make up our minds, considering and pondering on all perspectives.

On October 9th the ruler of Libra, Venus, moves out of fiery Leo into earthy Virgo, offering a

more grounded, practical and discerning perspective toward our relationships and lessening the crazy dramatic vibe many of us have all been experiencing.

We may be expressing our love language in more practical, helpful ways but we may also view our relationships with a more critical eye.

On October 11th, Pluto our planet of the underworld, moves direct again

This is Pluto's last travel through the sign of Capricorn before moving and staying in Aquarius.

Pluto retrograde was a time of internal change, healing, and confronting our fears and shadows. Pluto moving direct is when we can activate the internal changes we have been traversing. We may also see major changes in our traditional political and financial institutions.

With Mars moving into the sign of Scorpio the following day, on the 12th, the impetus toward working with our shadow selves, of uncovering subconscious parts of ourselves that may have been holding us back or influencing us subconsciously, will gain extra momentum.

The New Moon Solar eclipse in Libra kicks off the eclipse season again on October 15th. The new moon eclipse in Libra will be a time to set new intentions and goals related to our relationships, balance, and harmony but again, there will be much more about this closer to the time.

Finally, on the 23rd, just before the Sun moves into watery Scorpio, Mercury moves into Scorpio adding depth and intensity to our thinking, communication and insights. Honesty is a crucial theme here as is our need to get to the bottom of any situation.

This may feel like a more intense Libran season than usual with so many astrological changes happening but ultimately, it's about celebrating love beauty and finding the balance between our personal and relationship needs.

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