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LIBRA NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE: What is out of balance?

I'm not too fond of astrological fear-mongering, but I acknowledge that this has been an intense week leading up to this eclipse. The astrology and corresponding world events still blow me away, and of course, the effect on all of us.

As we move toward this Solar Eclipse in Libra, the theme is undoubtedly about where things are out of balance and the restoration of peace. However, we need to face some absolutely intense challenges to get there.

I strongly advise us all to breathe, find peace in our own ways and send abundant love and healing to ourselves, our loved ones and the world at large during this Libra eclipse.

On October 15th, at 4:55 AM, we'll experience a New Moon Solar Eclipse in the sign of Libra at 21 degrees. Look to see where 21 degrees of Libra falls in your chart and which area of your chart will be activated. Everyone will feel the eclipse, but those with planets in Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn will feel it most significantly.

What began during the last eclipse in Aries on April 20th that needs balance and alignment now?

If you would like help navigating this eclipse and the energies culminating now, contact me via the booking page on my web site for an in-depth or even quick 30-minute astrology session. I would love to help shine a light on what this eclipse asks of you.

This eclipse is a powerful and intense event that marks a period of catalytic change. It's a culmination of all the astrological energy happening in the week leading up to it.

The theme of this eclipse is justice and the restoration of balance, both personally and globally. With tensions and a desire for justice and the restoration of peace, this theme is particularly relevant at this time.

The New Moon Eclipse intensifies and speeds things up, making it an ideal time to face our shadows and bring them to the surface. If our lives have felt unbalanced or unjust, this is the perfect opportunity to explore the hidden issues, deep desires, and shadows that we've been suppressing.

Relationships of all kinds are highlighted during this solar eclipse as Libra rules the relationships in our lives. The evolutionary aim of the Libran archetype is to learn to understand ourselves better due to a mirror being held up in front of us by the other. With Pluto in the equation, we are all being asked to face the shadow parts of our natures.

As Pluto has moved direct and is traversing through the very last degrees of Capricorn, it feels like there are some very Karmic endings to be dealt with before we can restore balance. This is evident globally as we're challenged with tensions and a desire for justice and the restoration of peace.

We're invited to explore our own personal power dynamics and the ways in which we may stand comfortably or not in our own power. We need to examine how we may wield power over others in an effort to mask our own insecurities.

Eclipses are portals for new beginnings, but before stepping into the new, we must deal with any debris, hidden shadows, or imbalance in our lives. To harness this energy, we need to be brave, face hidden truths, seek where we feel disempowered, and work to restore balance.

Let's use this time to advocate for social justice and fairness issues that we're passionate about. We can embrace this opportunity for positive change and set healing intentions for a more balanced future, both personally and collectively. By spending some time alone and identifying those areas that need transformation, we can speak up and have open, honest conversations with our significant others about any areas that we feel are out of balance.

Take care of yourself and your loved ones

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