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Leo New Moon: Groove is in the heart

How is Leo season treating everyone, especially as we still have Venus in Leo in retrograde? I do like a good Leo Season and have put myself out there this season with a release of a podcast I was featured on. The Pod Cast is called Quantum Living, and the host, Anna, delves deep into all things metaphysical. I was asked to talk about Evolutionary Astrology and past lives. We had an interesting chat, so you can listen here

Meanwhile, whilst Venus is retrograde and while this New Moon is occurring, I will be on the Australian east coast attending a week-long astrology conference on relationships. How beautifully Venus retrograde to spend a week deep diving into this theme.

I have been doing a lot of writing and thinking about the astrology of relationships. I find myself reflecting and using an astrological perspective to heal and shift some past relationship trauma once again. I am so completely blown away by the symbology in my own natal chart regarding relationships and how these symbolic archetypes have played out in my life. I will be discussing astrology and relationships on the same podcast in a few week's time.

The New Moon in Leo occurs in Australia on the 16th of August at 7.38pm

Every New Moon is a time to set our intentions or what we would like to manifest and bring into our lives. The New Moon meets the Sun in Leo, enhancing and prompting us to set goals around some of the Leo principles. Leo is ruled by the sun, the heart of our universe, and therefore

rules our hearts astrologically. Leo's energy is often misrepresented as that egoic, 'look at me' energy; sometimes, it is expressed this way. But at its higher manifestation, Leo is about giving, receiving, and expressing from the heart.

So, on this new moon, we can actively set some new intentions around how we feel and express our heart desires.

Leo energy is naturally warm, generous of spirit, childlike, playful and creative. Use this time to set an intention around how you give love to yourself and how you'd like to give and receive love to others.

Spend some time treating yourself like you would like to be treated by others.

This New Moon is an excellent time to set some intentions around bolstering your confidence if you lack confidence. One of the best ways to do this is to write some affirmations, place them on your mirror, and speak to them out loud.

This is a wonderful period for setting new intentions around how you express yourself, your creative endeavours, and how you approach fun- do you allow yourself to have enough?

The fire energy of Leo is expressive and creative and loves to move. Put on some music and dance around your lounge room. Grab that hairbrush microphone, sing loudly and allow yourself to play and indulge in joy. If this is not your scene, spend some time on creative pursuits or planning a future creative project that brings you absolute enjoyment.

Leo energy is childlike at its core, and sometimes there is nothing better to remind us how to play and have fun than spending time with the children in our lives.

Consciously allowing yourself to play, be a child, interact with children, and laugh hard from the belly is therapeutic.

The Sun and Moon also receive a challenging aspect from Uranus in Taurus. This energy may feel a little itchy…what I mean by that is that

during this New Moon you may feel the underlying tones of needing a change in some areas of your life, of looking for new and exciting adventures, a feeling that you may not know what to do with.

This energy may have a bit of rebellion, so it is also a good time to ask where and what you may need to rebel against. Equally, Uranus in aspect to Leo, can heighten the drive to express our beliefs and truths, and we may find ourselves pushing up against others' perspectives. It is worth remembering to open your heart and allow yourself to hear others' points of view, understand others' rights to their opinions and find love and acceptance anyway.

With Uranus in the mix, this New Moon insists that we are faithful to what our hearts want and desire whilst fully accepting the rights of those around us to believe and feel what they do.

On a more personal level, this square may also trigger similar vibes within our romantic relationships and with Venus still in retrograde in Leo, we would be wise to be cautioned of the potential for frustrations to arise, especially in matters of the heart.

Life may feel a little on shaky ground for some of us, particularly those of us with planets in the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scoprio and Aquarius. This could also manifest as an increased level of nervous energy within, that feeling like you have had one too many coffees is very much what Uranian energy can feel like.

Be reminded that this phase will pass; look at what changes do need to be made but don’t be overly rash in making them, let this New Moon energy pass and then regroup, check in on whether you are still feeling the same way, then you will have a clearer view of what changes are required.

Of course, with Uranus, we can also use that typical cliche of expecting the unexpected; it is true unforeseen and out-of-the-blue events can occur at this time, both positively and negatively. If such things occur, try to understand what they may mean on a deeper soul cantered level.

Jupiter is also still in Taurus and makes a very wide connection to this New Moon as well.

Jupiter expands what it touches and in combination with the Taurean and Leo energy, we might be inclined to overdo things, overspend, over indulged or be overly arrogant.

Enjoy this new moon, set some intentions for your heart that you can accelerate in the upcoming full moon. If you are interested in exploring how Leo energy works in your chart, book in for a consultation at online

Until then, be kind to yourself and be kind to others.

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