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Leo Full Moon- Time to Shine

Full Moon in Leo time. I should not be, but I am biased. I love this full moon. Having a Leo moon myself it reminds me to get in touch with this part of my being, to stop being so serious and remember to have some fun.

This is a pretty highly charged full moon with aspects from Uranus and Mars and Venus in square to each other just prior. Things may feel a little shaky, and our ego might get rattled a little but really, we are being asked to get in touch with our absolute most authentic selves, to put on our proverbial crowns and step up onto the stage of life as we really are, not caring what others may think.

As usual, I have created a Full Moon Workbook for you to use and to help you tap into the parts of yourself that need to shine to help you release what is not authentic to you. To release worries about what others think. There are questions designed for self-reflection and of course, if you have the natal moon in Leo, you get a bonus. There is a separate section designed just for you to help you connect with what it means to have a Leo Moon.

Access here

LEO 23 Full Moon Workbook
Download PDF • 24.05MB

Happy Leo Full Moon

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