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I am doing things a little bit differently this month. Below you will find the link to my LEO FULL MOON WORKBOOK. This includes ALL the information about the upcoming Full Moon in Leo AND much details on what it means if your natal moon sign is in Leo. The workbook is designed to really help you work with the energies of this Full Moon.

Leo Full Moon 2022 Workbook. Aspect Astrology
Download PDF • 6.76MB

There is no video this month. Some of you may be aware my Instagram account was hacked. This is my main portal for promotion so until this comes back I am working on other parts of the business and on some personal hurdles I need to get through as a result of an Instagram hack. I am doing all I can to get it back. I have written a little bit about the experience and what I have learned from it, below if you are interested.

FORTUNATELY everything else, my emails, Facebook etc are all safe and secure.


The period leading up to this full moon in Leo has been interesting for me. Some may be aware that my Aspect Astrology Instagram account was hacked, just as I was getting cocky about Mercury having turned direct. Obviously, the shadow period had something else in store for me. I responded to a message in my inbox by someone I knew asking for help. When we see someone asking for help, I think all of us want to respond. I didn't think twice when this person sent me a link to what she wanted "help' with and clicked on this link. Within 3 minutes, my Instagram account was gone, my password was changed, phone number deleted and any way of getting through to Instagram to report it was blocked. Why am I telling you all this? My initial reaction was a gut-wrenching feeling of illness that all the work that I had put into Instagram and attracting my followers was gone. I felt like my entire identity had been violated and my ego went into overdrive. Of course, I was still me but without Instagram or my beautiful community of followers. My ego was playing havoc with me; I had to take stock, look at my chart and ask what was the lesson here?

I have a Leo moon. I love my Leo moon but as Saturn transiting in Aquarius made an opposition to this Leo moon it was time to examine some themes around Leo and what better time to do this, than as we approach a Leo full moon?. The questions that came up for me and that will be questions for everyone during this full moon is:

How much to you allow ego to dictate what you do?

How much ego gratification do you depend on receiving from others?

Does it work for you as it can, or against you?

How attached are you to having your ego fed?

The saying that ego is not a dirty word is very true; it is not. We all need to have a strong sense of self, self-worth, and knowing who we are. This is one of astrology's greatest gifts, knowing and accepting yourself fully.

After my account was hacked, I realised that I had become too attached to my Instagram account, using it for validation of my work and my place in the Astrology community. It occurred to me that all that mattered was how I felt about my work and how I felt about me. In thinking about Leo and Leo moon energy, I often comment on Leo Moons' capacity to be emotionally vulnerable, be very upfront and authentic, and be appreciated for it. It is not a need so much for applause for applause's sake but a need to be 'seen" How was I being 'seen' if there was now no Instagram account? What came to me was that I was not being authentic and vulnerable enough. I was writing about the astrology around us but not meeting the Instagram world with how I meet my daily world, with my heart fully open, vulnerable, and truly on my sleeve. So if I get my account back this will change a little. I will be more vulnerable, authentic, and less attached to the outcome or what others may think … always easier said than done, right?.

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