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GEMINI NEW MOON: Embrace Curiosity

Have you felt the buzz of all this energy in Air? Since Jupiter moved into Gemini, I feel like everything has sped up a little. We are more in our heads now, and as we approach this New Moon, we are reminded that there is currently very little earth energy to ground ourselves with and we may indeed be feeling quite ‘buzzy’. This is a wonderful opportunity to open our minds, satiate our curiosities, connect with others and find our voice; however, be reminded to keep your feet on the ground, especially the days on either side of this New Moon. Nevertheless, this is a great invitation to navigate the spirit of inquiry, to celebrate and ask questions and set intentions around how we wish to be heard and hear others in the world.

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There's quite a lineup of energy gathered in the sign of Gemini during this Gemini season, which will peak on the 6th of June at 10.38pm in Eastern Australia, occurring at 16 degrees of Gemini. Being a mutable sign, this New Moon energy will most significantly stimulate the mutable signs of Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, and Pisces. However, with so many planets now aligned in Gemini, the buzz is palpable for everyone. This New Moon energy is fueled with themes related to our mental and cognitive curiosities, our ability to perceive and digest information, to gather and share ideas and facts, and to embrace the human need for connectivity and communications.


Venus joins the Sun and the Moon in Gemini, while Saturn in Pisces squares it, and the ruler of Gemini, Mercury, is busy at home in the sign as well. This promises to be a dynamic energy that may have us overthinking, overanalyzing, and potentially overdoing our mental capabilities over the days either side of the New Moon. There is very little earth energy in the sky at this time, so we need to ensure we don’t get carried away with the mental realms and remember to consciously ground ourselves, to breathe, and remember to pause as this can be a very high nervous energy period. Saturn, our planet of grounded reality in aspect to this Sun and Moon, will offer a more stabilizing energy now and perhaps provide us with a little bit of structure to ground our thinking and ideas.

That said, we can use this time to really ignite our curiosities and energy for exploring new ideas, discovering new things, making sure we have our facts straight, and directing our creative energies toward linking ideas and communicating what we need to say. In other words, this is a very good New Moon to set intentions around what and how we wish to cultivate our minds and how we want to express our voice.

With Venus being in Gemini now and sitting alongside the Sun and Moon, our need for a love of connection with others, of communication, language, words, and ideas is amplified. We may be more drawn toward interesting conversation and interactions that stimulate our wit, sense of fun, and engagement with others. Gemini is a dual-natured sign; it needs to interact with the world around it, and this is the perfect time to do so. We might also be more stimulated to express our affections, desires, and values through verbal or written cues.

As with all New Moons, this is a time to set new intentions, and this time it's all about what we might like to learn, how we might like to change our communication or even social skills, how we want to enrich our minds, use new technology, or indeed stretch ourselves to consider ideas that may feel alien to us.

During this New Moon, we can think about what kind of information brings us joy that we would like to share or even just dive into more deeply. We can set intentions around how we might like to expand our knowledge or indeed share what we know with others. Is there a new way you could disseminate what you have been wanting to share with the world? Use this New Moon to brainstorm all sorts of ideas as to how you might like to find your voice in an area you are passionate about. This is a perfect time to think about what areas of our lives we would like to act as both a teacher and a student. This is the time to start that new course, go on a retreat to learn something new, or explore your community in a new way.

We can also use this New Moon to set intentions around finding new opportunities to connect with others, to push ourselves outside of our social comfort zones, and forge real connections with people who we might find have something to teach us. Use this time to think about how you can expand and enhance these connections.

This New Moon reminds us that communication is a two-way street and that listening is just, if not more, important than talking. Where do you need to listen more, what can you do to cultivate more proactive listening in life? This is the time to set some intentions around becoming more mindful in our communication exchanges and to take a proactive approach to really hearing what the other has to say.

As a mutable sign, Gemini energy also reminds us to be adaptable, flexible, and open in our mindset. Where might you need to cultivate a more flexible mindset, how rigid are you in your ideas and in convincing others of the need to be right? Use this time to make a conscious effort to open the mind, to really understand and appreciate that we are all different with our unique realities and perceptions. A closed rigid mind and unwillingness to hear and consider the truths of others are part of what is so troubling in the world right now. With Jupiter in Gemini, we have the opportunity during this New Moon to surrender our need to always be right.

Use this New Moon to learn something new about yourself via astrology and take advantage of my special offer of 20% off all Astrology Readings during this New Moon. Head to and enter the code JUPITERINGEMINI to receive your discount.

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