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FULL MOON IN VIRGO - balancing the analytical with the intuitive

The current alignment of Mercury, the Sun, Saturn, and Neptune all in Pisces marks a significant astrological configuration, particularly for those with Saturn in Pisces, born in the mid-60s (March 3, 1964, to January 28, 1967) or mid-90s (February 6, 1994, to April 7, 1996). This conjunction hasn't occurred for 28 years, making this Full Moon particularly poignant for these generations.

For those experiencing their first or second Saturn return, this Full Moon offers a chance to reflect on commitments, responsibilities, and long-term goals, while also finding a balance between practicality and emotional sensitivity and reflecting on past lessons that may help illuminate new ways forward. It's an opportunity to face challenges, celebrate growth, and make necessary adjustments, exploring how to integrate practical concerns with spiritual or emotional needs. While these themes are relevant to everyone, they may have more impact for the generations mentioned above, among which I count myself.

All three of these Piscean planets will be sitting right on my Ascendant. At this moment, I have some rather extreme lessons to learn about getting practical with my physical body, of getting in touch with a more structured daily routine, and this is precisely what this Full Moon is all about. It's about finding that balance between the need for structure and the desire for spiritual connection.

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Virgo Full Moon workbook 2024
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·        The Full Moon in Virgo occurs on February 24th at 10.30pm AEDT at 5 degrees of Virgo. Check to see where you have 5 degrees of Virgo in your chart to gain some perspective as to what area of life will be illuminated by this Full Moon. This is a potent Full Moon as we have Mercury (the ruler of Pisces), the Sun, and Saturn all together in Pisces in opposition to the Full Moon, with the ruling planet Neptune also in Pisces. That’s quite a lineup, and with Saturn in the picture, this is the First Full Moon in Virgo with Saturn in opposition in Pisces for 28 years.

These three together can bring us the duality of free-flow thinking and expression with possible limitations due to Saturn’s involvement. However, it can also offer an opportunity to embrace maturity regarding how we use our intuition, imagination, creativity, and foster our sensitivities.

Saturn can bring some discipline in these areas now, offering an opportunity during this Full Moon to confront and let go of some emotional limitations or find ways to utilise them more practically.

    I feel that this Full Moon in Virgo, opposing these 3 planets lined up together, will bring us an opportunity to look at how we communicate and use our intuition, facing any challenges we have in our communication habits. There may even be themes of asking ourselves and facing up to what we consider our realities to be. Where we may have been deceiving ourselves and where and how we can get more real and practical with these themes. We may also feel the pull to question and examine and place more structure around how we show up regarding our spiritual truth and inner work. Are we all talk, no action? What are the practical ways we can become more mature and grounded in our spiritual practices?

·        The Pisces-Virgo polarity is about being of service, albeit in different ways. For Pisces, the inclination is toward emotional service, offering empathy, understanding, and also being of service to spirit, source, the universe. Whereas Virgo’s service offers itself in a more practical sense, offering problem-solving and organization as an expression of service. With Saturn and Mercury in this mix during this Full Moon, we may be thinking more about where and how we are of service. Are we sacrificing too much of ourselves to be of service to others? How well defined are our boundaries? When do we take care of ourselves?

     This Full Moon also offers a chance to define our boundaries or get more real regarding balancing practicality with idealism. We can tap into Pisces for creative and imaginative inspiration and then ground and bring into reality with Virgo and Saturn. Questions to consider may be where are we out of balance, perhaps being either too idealistic or too practical? How can we bring more structure and discipline to balance either or each?  


   Virgo energy embodies a sense of purity, not necessarily in a sexualised context, but in the aspiration for improvement and refinement. Virgo perceives the world through the lens of potential enhancement. In contrast to Pisces, which represents chaos, Virgo offers order. However, the pursuit of perfection can become stifling, leading to the belief that if something cannot be perfect, then it's not worth pursuing at all. This inclination towards perfection can be oppressive, particularly as Saturn opposes the Full Moon. This opposition provides an opportunity to cultivate a healthy balance of discipline and control regarding the quest for perfection, while relinquishing obsessive tendencies. It's a chance to reflect on the ways in which the pursuit of perfection either serves or enslaves us. Through the clarity provided by Mercury and Saturn, we can reassess our approach to perfection and embrace a more realistic and mature perspective. This may involve accepting some degree of chaos and imperfection, rather than constantly striving for an unattainable ideal.

   With Saturn's influence strongly felt during this Full Moon in Pisces, a plethora of emotions and questions may surface, urging us to confront them with maturity and practicality. Both Virgo, an earth sign, and Saturn, an earth planet, offer assistance in defining and organizing our emotions. This period presents an excellent opportunity for introspection and contemplation on how to effect positive changes. Journaling can be a particularly effective tool for integrating and expressing emotions in a rational and practical manner. Additionally, connecting with the earth can be grounding and therapeutic, providing a sense of stability amidst emotional turbulence. Engaging in activities like gardening or lying on the earth can foster a deeper connection to the natural world and help align with the energies of the Full Moon.

   Furthermore, this Full Moon encourages a conscious release of chaos and disorganisation in our lives, prompting us to tap into Virgo's energy of order and structure. For those seeking more focus and organization, this lunar phase serves as a powerful motivator.

       In Virgo's pursuit of perfection and purity, there's a natural alignment with health and healing. This Full Moon presents an opportune moment to confront unhealthy habits and embark on new health regimens. By letting go of behaviors that no longer serve us, we can initiate positive transformations, especially as Saturn traverses through Pisces.

    If you have Saturn in Pisces and are going through or approaching your first Saturn Return (February 6, 1994, to April 7, 1996.  dates) or your second Satrun return March 3, 1964, to January 28, 1967., consider a professional astrology session to help you navigate and make the most of one of the most significant astrological events in your life. a Saturn return reading offers valuable insights and guidance to help you navigate this important astrological milestone with awareness, intention, and empowerment. It can be a transformative experience that sets the stage for personal growth, maturity, and self-discovery in the years to come.


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