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Full Moon in Taurus. Partial Lunar Eclipse. Facing the Truth

This is the first of a series of eclipses across the Taurus, Scorpio axis, the last to occur in Oct 2023. This full moon occurs

on the 19th of November and accentuates and accelerates the big astrological themes of the year between freedom, responsibility and or restriction and our self vs the collective. This full moon is a crucial lunation, especially since it is also an eclipse that will heavily influence the fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius… again. If you have personal planets in these signs, you will have been feeling the intensity, duplicity, and push toward transformation all year. Now with an eclipse, you can no longer keep what needs to come up down. It will find a way. Eclipses mark a turning point; they ask for dealing directly with those parts of yourself or your life that no longer serve you. It is time now to let them go.

We are setting up a theme on a personal level about digging deep to find a true source of self-worth and self-love. What is it that is REALLY important to you, and what are you doing about it? This is a period of self-awareness and revelation, bringing to the surface hidden or repressed aspects that you may not have been willing or able to deal with in the past. Now is the time for what is buried to come to the surface and into the light. Let go of a part of yourself that you may have been clinging onto for no reason to begin the serious transformation process.

The moon is full in the sign of Taurus opposite the Sun and Mercury in Scorpio, with Mars in Scorpio close by. The Scorpio clan are asking you to review what you really want and how it adds to or detracts from your sense of self-worth. What do you need to let go of that could be affecting your self-love? Working with this full moon, you are offered the opportunity to see more of what you want and don’t want, and if you ask, you may get a very clear answer.

The moon in Taurus is ruled by Venus, which has just moved into the sign of Capricorn, where it will stay for six months. Venus in Capricorn, being in another earth sign, is a supporting influence during this full moon to help you focus your energies on determining what you want and giving you the self-confidence to go forth and achieve it. Where are you going to invest your energies for the long term?

This is a very real time of showing up to face any restrictions that are holding you back from being your true and most authentic self. This is a period of facing what is yours on your own terms and dealing with what is not. You are being asked to fully accept and own what is important you now and face the consequences of these truths. This may mean you have to deal with some issues like: What are you prepared to sacrifice for this? What or who is standing in your way, and what are you going to do about it? This is an important question to deal with as we may come up against resistance from others as we seek our truth. We could face power struggles, control games and potential manipulation from others who don’t want to see any change.

Relationships could suffer now as we come to terms with who supports us in our truth and who does not. We may be faced with asking the questions around who in our lives is truly aligned with us and what we want. Who has our back, and who does not?

Venus ruling the Taurus full moon is positive aspect to Uranus in Taurus and a sextile to Mars. This energy is very dynamic and will work to support the changes you need to make right now. You may be feeling so ready to propel ahead, but you may need to assess who is coming with you and who is not. Again, this is all to honour yourself and your self-worth.

As invigorating as this energy may be in propelling the need for change, we still need to be careful not to throw the baby out with the bathwater. You may be so rearing to go, but there is a thing called our responsibilities holding you back. Mars and Saturn are still in wide square energy. Mars wants and is ready to charge ahead, but Saturn stops you at the door and reminds you, you have mortgages to pay, mouths to feed, people, jobs and responsibilities holding you back. This is ok. You don’t have to charge ahead in the changes you wish to make right away; you simply have to be honest with yourself, your values, your sense of love for yourself and be comfortable in your knowledge. If you cant make the changes right away, start planning for them in the long term and try not to get overly frustrated. This eclipse theme will last for a while; this may be starting the ignition in the engine well before the bags are packed.

This full moon is very powerful energy to be asking the universe for what you want to manifest on a material level. Starting with assessing your values around money, this full moon can be used to release worn-out belief structures around how you value money and how that is tied into how you love yourself? Do you feel worthy of abundance, of attracting the resources you need in your life? Write down any traits that you think are holding you back, and during the full moon, burn them. Then, write down what you wish to bring forth for yourself on a material level. If you can, take that paper and bury it with seed or seedling and watch t it grow as a representation of your future psychological, spiritual and material wealth. Being focused and aware of what you now want enables you to bring forth abundance in your life. The Scorpio Taurus polarity on a more mundane level is about resources and sharing resources. Use this full moon to help manifest abundance in your life.

There are some potent energies with Jupiter during this full moon as well; Jupiter amplifies everything. In this case, be careful of overspending, over investing, and feeling overly confident when it comes to resources. If you can avoid making any significant financial decisions until after the full moon, I recommend that.

This is big energy for the fixed signs that traditionally don’t like change, This energy will be building into December and punctuating the big themes of 2021. So take note and even if it is a small step, take a step toward the change you want to see and remember to be kind to yourself and others along the way

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