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Full Moon in Libra. Return to Love

Libra Full Moon 2022 Workbook
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I am back from my holiday, which was incredible but happy to be home now.

Please find your full moon in Libra workbook downloadable via the link . This workbook offers an in-depth view of what this full moon has in store, and provides questions for reflection, affirmations, and rituals to help you work with the energy of this full moon. There is also comprehensive overview of the meaning of having your natal moon in the sign of Libra and includes an extra section of self-reflection for those with their moon in Libra.

Readings are open again so if you are keen to explore and unlock the potential of your chart and or to look at what is in store for you over the upcoming months, or to focus on a singular question or your relationships, then head to the booking section on my web site or drop me an e mail.

Happy Easter everyone, a wonderful traditional pagan holiday celebrating the Goddess Ostara, the ancient Germanic goddess of the spring, who it is said, transformed a bird into a hare, and the hare responded by laying coloured eggs for her festival… so there you go that is where our association with rabbits and coloured eggs come from.

It has been a rather intense and profound and magical period leading up to this full moon, which occurs at 26 degrees Libra in April 17 at 4.54am in Australia. This is our first full moon of the new astrological year and we have just had the Neptune and Jupiter conjunction and with Mars moving into Pisces as well.

So we are likely to feel as though we are still swimming around in the Pisces realms for a while and we are all rather likely to be super sensitive to the energies of this full moon period.

Mars lays down her sword and moved into Pisces where he joins Venus, Sun, Neptune and Jupiter all there for a little while longer.

With Mars in Pisces, our energy may feel a little less focused, more dreamlike, intuitive, sensitive, and prone to slowing down.

Mars in Pisces is not an active energy, it is internalised and can be somewhat vague, forgetful, dreamlike and unfocused but very much connected to the spiritual and intuitive realms

During this full moon we are joined by Pluto in a challenging aspect to both the sun and the moon.

This offers us a very deep and intense opportunity to examine and delve into some very important aspects of everyone’s lives- relationships- and to question, release and integrate where the relationships in our lives are serving our personal evolution…. Or not.

This full moon is all about facing and releasing habits, emotions and actions that prevent us from participating in authentic relationships with ourselves and with others.

The themes to explore include. how well do we genuinely and authentically show up in relationships?

How are we looking after ourselves and how we are looking after ourselves in relation to another?

This full moon may illuminate where we feel we are not getting our needs met in relationship and, some decisions that are genuinely right for yourself ( Aries) need to be made for the sake of relationship ( Libra).

Conversely if you are not in a relationship and wish to be, the same principles apply. Are you being honest with yourself about what you need to release in order to feel able to safely step into a relationship?

Many relationships will flourish and find deeper and more intimate connection with each other during this full moon. What can you do to bring a deeper ( Pluto) connection into your relationship and help it transform into a better version of itself?

This is all covered in far more detail in the workbook, so if you are keen to explore these themes go to the link in the bio and down load it now.

Meanwhile enjoy the combination of the abundance of planets in Pisces weaving their magic around this special full moon. As usual if you have any questions, please feel free to reach out.

Be especially kind to yourself and super kind to others and I will see you soon as the Sun soon moves into beautiful Taurus.

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