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Full Moon in Capricorn. Time for Revelations.

We are about to experience a Super Full Moon in the sign of Capricorn on the 14th of July at around 7.00am in Australia. See post below and click through to access your FREE Capricorn Full Moon Workbook.

Capricorn Full Moon 2022 Workbook
Download PDF • 9.76MB

We have passed the middle of the year and the Capricorn Full Moon reminds us to take stock and revisit some of the goals we set for ourselves at the beginning of the year. Are we on track or can we use this as an opportunity to redefine what we need to do next? How are we travelling with our work life balance?

With some intense aspects from Pluto ad Mercury, we may also find ourselves dealing with information or truths that may have been hidden. This is a time of deciding what to do with this information.

If you are interested, I have begun a series on my Instagram Page @aspectastrology delving into the meaning of the moon through the signs and house placements as well as covering off some major aspects. I thought it was time to focus on the ruling planet of the season. I will be adding this information to this blog too at some point. In a few weeks we will be focusing on the Sun, as the ruling planets of Leo, through the signs and houses so look out for that one too.

I am closed off for readings now until the end of September. I am fully booked and also going to be travelling overseas for a few weeks throughout August and September. If you are keen for a reading, drop me an e mail or message to book in after Sept 20th.

Meanwhile, Happy Capricorn Full Moon everyone.

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