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Full Moon in Aries. October 21. Take Action

The upcoming full moon in fiery Aries,happens in Australia on October 21st at 1.24 am. This full moon is a period of really ramping up the volume and changing the pace into an action-packed forward moving energy. I'm sure all of you who are still in some form of lockdown and restriction will be pleased to hear that the energy shift supports our desires and needs to break free from restriction and get moving again.

Prior to this month's full moon, we have had a shift in Jupiter and Mercury, turning direct from their retrograde phase.

Starting with Jupiter, when retrograde, we were likely to have been inward-looking on a philosophical basis. But now, as it moves forward again, we will find ourselves looking at that suitcase longingly, planning new adventures, escapes and travel expeditions. Our enthusiasm for life, in general, is elevated. Being in Aquarius, we will also long to get together with our friends, our tribes, our people to share some fun. This can be an excellent period for sharing our newfound philosophies on life that we may have all have been forced to reflect on in a Covid world. Building up to this full moon, our enthusiasm and excitement to get going may feel very expansive.

On the same day, Mercury moves forward as well in the sign of Libra. We will be more likely to have some clarity in our thinking, make decisions more manageable, and communicate within our relationships may have extra impact. In retrograde, our close partnerships may have been impacted as we often look back and reflect on previous relationships and what we may have learned. Now, as Mercury begins a forward motion in Libra and as we approach the full moon in Libra's opposing sign of Aries, we are in a position to let go of past mistakes, regrets or hurts in our relationships.

When the Sun is in Libra and the Moon is in opposition in Aries, we are asked to look at the balance between ourselves and the other. This is a period of actively considering how we go about honouring ourselves within our relationships. Where could we be out of balance regarding looking out for our personal needs in the context of our significant relationships? Are we giving too much of ourselves to the other? Are we stifling our desires to keep the peace or keep our partner happy? This full moon is a perfect time to consider these questions and let go of any habits or revelations that may come up regarding how we treat or mistreat ourselves or allow others to in the context of our relationships.

The Aries Libra polarity asks us to consider how we can get our needs met whilst also attending to the needs of others in a balanced and holistic way. It is an opportunity to redefine relationships, perhaps looking at how we give and take within the relationship. It is a period in which we may also look at considering others perspectives as well as our own or asserting our position clearly where we may not have communicated it before out of fear of upsetting the apple cart.

If we are not in a relationship, this is a time of sorting and shifting things or ideas that we may have about ourselves that are not serving us in forming new relationships, if this is something you would like. How has self-criticism affected how you show up with others, what you expect of others and how they respond to you. Use this full moon to let go of self-doubt and anything you feel may be holding you back in fulfilling your relationship needs.

Aries is ruled by the God of War, Mars. During this full moon, Mars sits next to the Sun in Libra in opposition to the moon. Both signs work on the polarity of war: negotiation, strategy, fairness, and justice in Libra and taking on physical combat and action in Aries. So with Mars in Libra in the mix, one will need to carefully watch out for increased combative energy during this full moon.

Mars in Libra, in opposition to the full moon in Aries could bring up themes of where you may feel injustices are being done or what you feel you may need to fight for in your relationships. Given it is a full moon, this is the period of consciously letting go of any aspects relating to these themes that are not working for you, whether from within present relationships or past relationships. For example, are you banging your head against a brick wall trying to get the point across to your partner that is just falling on deaf ears? You may want to consider that the point is in continuing to partake in that battle? It's these types of themes we can explore at this time. With Mercury in Libra, this is also a period in which we can look at how we can reframe and or change how we communicate to our loved ones to feel heard and get our needs met.

This full moon is also forming challenging square energy with Pluto. Pluto may add an extra level of intensity to all of these dynamics as it brings up any deeply held or suppressed emotions from the surface. This moon is in an action-orientated fire sign, and in relationship to Pluto and Mars, there could be a lot of pent up energy that comes forth in an almost explosive fashion. This energy may display itself collectively and individually. Either way, this energetic theme is important not to ignore but equally important to tread carefully with. If there are combative themes in your life at this time, be conscious of your words and actions, as this energy is very much like adding fuel to the fire.

If there are deep or repressed emotions, especially around themes of jealousy, control and manipulation within past or present relationships, use this full moon to write down the hurts you now want to let go of. Given it is a fire sign full moon, use fire ( carefully, of course) to burn what no longer serves you.

Libra is ruled by Venus, which is currently in the sign of firey expansive and philosophical Sagittarius. Venus rules what we value and how we value ourselves. Being in Sagittarius now, we could find ourselves philosophising on our deep values around relationships and how we fight for our values. We could spend some time releasing old held beliefs and values that no longer serve us during the full moon. At another level, while Venus is in Sag, it is also a favorable time to look at our philosophies around money and what beliefs around money no longer serve us.

If Libra is about the other, Aries as a sign is about the self and our need to have self-courage, self-assertion, self-confidence. This full moon, at its essence, is about taking action, finding our inner courage, and how to manage our self-interest with cooperation and how to be consciously assertive whilst still honouring the other. In many ways, this full moon is all about bringing up any self-interests that are not being met without fear of conflict. This is the full moon of action, feeling the fear and doing it anyway, and letting go of anything that is not serving us regarding a healthy sense of self.

I hope you can find your inner warrior and get moving with this fiery, full moon in Aries to help yourself and others.

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