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Cancer Season. Nurturing at it's best

It's Cancer season and the Winter Solstice here in Australia. The Sun moves into the nurturing watery sign of Cancer on June 21st as we also experience the shortest day of the year, where we have more darkness than light. However, this day also marks the beginning of the days getting longer from here on it. I have always liked to think of the winter solstice as a representation of beginning to move out of the dark parts of life and into the light. We are ascending from here on in.

The moon rules Cancer. I have decided to begin a focus on the planetary ruler of the season and will be offering quite detailed overviews of what the moon means in each sign and house throughout the season. So, for Cancer season, look out for the posts on social media by following my instagram account @aspectastrology on the moon, which will be followed by the Sun when we head into Leo season. The objective is to teach you more about how your personal astrology can dramatically affect and influence your life. If you do not know your moon sign, get in touch and I can send this to you directly. Even better, book in for a personal chart reading to discover how it all weaves together to make you you.

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