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Cancer New Moon: Your Inner Sanctuary


This is a rather beautiful New Moon a deep reflection time to go within ponder and set intentions around how we nurture ourselves and equally how we nurture others. This New Moon is very much aligned with the archetypal mother energy as we have aspects from the Asteroid goddesses Ceres in Capricorn reminding us to ensure our nurturing is practical and heartfelt and Pallas who offer us some interesting perspectives about our personal strength and wisdom.

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OK lets get into this delightful New Moon in Cancer



The New Moon in Cancer occurs in Australia on July 6th at 1.59pm Australian Eastern Time.  This New Moon feels like gentle yet profound energy enveloping us and asking us to delve deep into the archetypal realms of the mother and all the nurturing aspects of our lives. As with all New Moons, this is a time for reflection, intention, and growth.


Cancer, ruled by the Moon, embodies the essence of the archetypal mother, the nurturer, with our need for sanctuary, security and a sense of family and home. Gender is irrelevant here, the energy is about anyone is our lives that offers us that nurturing role and indeed equally about how we allow ourselves to receive it and how we offer it to others. This New Moon, however, is not just about the comfort of the familiar; it is also a call to confront and integrate the complexities of our nurturing instincts.


Opposing this New Moon is Ceres, the asteroid goddess of agriculture and motherly sustenance, retrograde in Capricorn. Ceres, co-ruler of Cancer, embodies the Earth Mother's qualities and reminds us of the cycles of nurturing and release. In Capricorn, she emphasises the need for structure, discipline, and responsibility in our caregiving roles. The opposition between the New Moon and Ceres retrograde suggests a tension between our emotional need for nurturing and the practical realities of providing care. It invites us to find a balance between offering emotional support and ensuring that our nurturing is grounded in practicality and sustainability.


Adding another layer of depth to this story is the Grand Water Trine formed by the New Moon in Cancer, Saturn retrograde in Pisces, and Pallas in Scorpio. Water, the element of emotions, intuition, and healing, flows harmoniously among these celestial bodies, creating a powerful trine that amplifies our emotional intelligence and intuitive insights.


Saturn in Pisces brings a sense of maturity and responsibility to our emotional world. It asks us to  review how we establish boundaries and commit to our spiritual and emotional growth. Pallas in Scorpio, the wise strategist, sharpens our perception, allowing us to uncover hidden truths and transformative potentials within our emotional landscape. Together, these energies create a supportive environment for deep emotional healing and the cultivation of inner wisdom.


However, the journey is not without its challenges. The New Moon in Cancer forms a square to the North Node in Aries and the South Node in Libra. The North Node in Aries urges us to embrace courage, independence, and assertiveness in pursuing our true path. In contrast, the South Node in Libra speaks to our past tendencies towards people-pleasing and conflict avoidance. This square presents a crucial turning point, pushing us to break free from old patterns of dependency and move towards a more authentic and self-reliant expression of nurturing.


As we navigate these complex energies, we are reminded of the multifaceted nature of the mother archetype. The New Moon in Cancer encourages us to embrace our vulnerabilities and emotional depths while also recognising the importance of boundaries and self-care. Ceres in Capricorn challenges us to bring structure and discipline to our nurturing roles, ensuring that our care is both heartfelt and practical.


The Grand Water Trine, meanwhile, provides a reservoir of emotional strength and wisdom, guiding us towards healing and transformation. And the square to the Nodes of Fate compels us to release old patterns and step into a more empowered and authentic version of ourselves.

This is our invitation; to reflect on how we nurture ourselves and others. Are we offering care from a place of wholeness, or are we depleting ourselves in the process? Are we willing to confront and release old habits that no longer serve our growth? This New Moon in Cancer offers a sacred moment to honour the nurturing spirit within us, embrace our emotional truths, and step boldly into a future where our care for ourselves and others is both genuine and sustainable.

As the gentle and nurturing energy of the Cancer New Moon graces us, it offers a profound opportunity to dive deep into the emotional realms and connect with our innermost selves. This is the perfect time to explore the Cancerian archetypes within your own astrological chart, uncovering the themes of home, family, security, and emotional nourishment. I am fully booked for most of the rest of July and will be travelling throughout all of September, so book in now for August. Head to

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