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Scorpio Full Moon: Journey to the shadows

How have we all survived the latest cosmic weather? It's been a bit of a ride, and l even got to a classic Mercury retrograde moment when my ex called me out of the blue; I had not spoken to them for 8 years. This also occurred whilst Jupiter and Uranus were conjunct in my third house of communication. Seriously, sometimes astrology still blows my mind. And so now, with the Sun in Taurus, it is getting colder here in down in the south of Australia, and we move into a rather heavy Full Moon in Scorpio. This Full Moon is a bit special, too, as the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto, makes a square to both the Sun and the Moon. This is the first Full Moon to be squared by Pluto in Aquarius and it might certainly up the volume on intensity and transformative energy.

I have also dived deep to put together my Scorpio Full Moon Workbook, which you can download here.

Scorpio Full Moon Workbook 2024
Download PDF • 45.04MB

The workbook offers in depth detail about this full moon. It also provides a carefully selected set of questions to help you work through some of the themes that might arise during this time. I have not trodden lightly. Some of the themes that my arise and that I have covered in the workbook are intense to say the least and may be triggering for some, so be warned. I believe very much that when we are called we should step into the darker places of our psyche and deal with what is there, this is one of the most profound ways we get to release, grow and transform, very much the themes of this full moon.

The workbook also includes an in depth overview of having your natal moon in the sign of Scorpio. So if you have a Scorpio moon this is the workbook for you. I have also included specific self reflection questions for healing and growth for Scorpio Moons.

The Full Moon falls at 4 degrees of Scorpio on April 24th 9.49am in Eastern Australia. The Sun and the Moon in opposition are also met by the ruler of Scorpio, Pluto who is in a challenging square aspect from its position of 2 degrees of Aquarius. This energy will be intensified for our Fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius.

As with every full Moon, it is a time of release, of letting go. There is very much a theme of pattern-breaking of releasing what is old and no longer working for us emotionally, of dealing with what comes up from the psyche, from our past and how we will move forward. 

Scorpio is our fixed water sign, the sign that does emotions deeply and extremely privately, even secretly. Scorpio as energy is not well understood by those of us who may not experience this sign predominately in our chart. It rules our deep unconscious drivers, those parts of ourselves that we would prefer to pack away and not have to deal with. Scorpio is all about the taboo subjects of life: sex, death, money, power, the occult and ultimately, transformation. We are mainly conditioned not to discuss or flaunt these areas of our lives; these important human condition subjects usually lie behind closed doors and often beneath the surface.

Scorpio does not do triviality; it is deep, intense, and yes, it can be dark, but when we consciously allow ourselves to consciously go into the darker parts of our psyche, the most significant transformation and healing can occur.

We are conditioned to avoid these parts of our nature; We are much happier in the Taurean realms of pleasure-seeking, security building and the practical realities of getting on with life. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that; this is all part of our existence, but so are deeper, emotional parts that we usually prefer to avoid, cover up or project onto others. This lunation may bring the subject areas that we may have avoided facing up to the surface now.

If you feel safe and willing, this is an excellent time to stop, take a deep breath and turn inward and explore what you may have been holding onto and holding off dealing with. This may manifest as a conscious choice to seek the counselling you know could benefit you; it may be writing to express emotions you have not put a name to; it may simply be deep meditation and allowance of what needs to come to you. The Full Moon can serve as a spotlight, illuminating the shadows within us and urging us to confront suppressed emotions and buried desires. Like a pressure valve releasing pent-up energy, this lunation demands emotional expression and release. It's a time for raw honesty and deep introspection as we confront the complexities of our inner world. The square aspect to Pluto amplifies this intensity, urging us to confront and transform any emotional blocks or patterns that hold us back.

It is worth remembering that Scorpio and Pluto are yes associated with the darker places within but they are also agents of transformation, that is the end game, renewal, re birth, catharsis, metamorphosis and ultimately powerful healing. It's a time to confront our deepest fears, embrace change, and step into our true power with courage and authenticity.


In the coming days and weeks, we may find ourselves drawn back into our past, especially as we confront unresolved issues and seek closure. It's a time to break free from emotional entanglements, cut cords, and move forward with clarity and purpose, which we will be able to better achieve after the 25th when Mercury turns direct.

Scorpio as an energy, can be quite attached to the concept of control. This need manifests as a necessity to keep intense emotions at bay. By subconsciously controlling our environment or others in our lives, we can keep the wolf from the door but we all know this catches up with us eventually. Both Scorpio and Taurus energy can become overly attached, obsessive and controlling, and when things are not going their way, the darker sides of their natures can surface. Whether these feelings lie within you or are triggered in others toward you, they are best to be dealt with and cleared during this Full Moon. This is a time to consider and to question how controlling or manipulative we are being to ourselves and of course to others?

Scorpio is also associated with secrets, mysteries, and hidden truths. When squared with Pluto in Aquarius, there's a potent energy for uncovering hidden information, personal or collective. This may involve confronting uncomfortable truths, facing shadow aspects of ourselves, or exposing hidden agendas within our communities or society.


On a more mundane level, this Full Moon will also bring up general questions about managing our finances and any shared resources we may have with others. The Taurus Scorpio duality highlights power and control issues around money and resources so that these things could come up for people. Having Jupiter and Uranus still close together in Taurus can help us release any financial habits that may not be working for us as well. So this can be a good time to let go of such things as excessive spending to accumulate things we don’t really need for the feel-good quick fix. It is also a time to explore where financial issues and especially how we share our finances, may be out of balance, overly controlled or fair.

Yet, amidst the intensity of Taurus season, it is wise to allow ourselves time, patience, and peace as well. Remember to treat yourself with compassion and self-awareness.  

This Full Moon is a reminder to allow ourselves the space to process our emotions, to seek support if needed, and to navigate the turbulent waters of change with grace and resilience. Ultimately, though the Full Moon in Scorpio reminds us that true transformation requires courage and honesty, a willingness to confront our shadows and embrace the light.

If you are interested in a deep dive into what may be lurking in the hidden realms of your psyche, consider booking a personal exploration of your astrology. You can explore the options here:, or feel free to email me directly if you have any questions.


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