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Cancer Season: Moving Within

The Sun shifts in watery cardinal Cancer on June 21st.  Personally, I do love a Cancer Season in Australia, a time that also sees us transition into the winter solstice here in Australia, marking a profound shift in our cosmic landscape as we move from riding the rather vibrant and buzzy waves of an abundance of planets in Gemini. Now, Cancer's nurturing and introspective energy invites us to retreat inward. It's a time to cozy up, reflect, and rejuvenate.

Cancer energy encourages us to slow down, embrace our emotions, and seek comfort in our personal sanctuaries. It's a beautiful period for self-care, deepening family bonds, and reassessing our goals with a heart-centred approach. On the solstice we are reminded to embrace these moments of retreat to allow ourselves to embrace the dark, our vulnerable emotional selves knowing that from here the days will start to get longer and the opportunity to re-emerge and shine during Leo Season is just around the corner.

The Symbolism of the Crab

The story of the crab, which regularly sheds its shell to grow, beautifully reflects Cancerian energy. The crab faces great vulnerability while waiting for its new shell to form, often retreating to a secure place until it is safe to re-emerge. This story reminds us to shed what we have outgrown, to allow ourselves to feel vulnerable, and to grow a new part of ourselves ready to emerge when the Sun shifts into Leo. Use this Cancer season to go within, nurture yourself, dive into your emotions, and re-emerge as a stronger, better version of yourself.

Themes of Cancer Season

In Australia, Cancer season beckons us to go within, stay indoors, nurture ourselves and others, connect with family, and move away from the heady experience of Gemini into the more feeling realms. This time is about recharging our batteries and nurturing our spiritual practices. It's an excellent period to focus on your biological or chosen family, attend to home maintenance or renovation projects, cook delicious meals, and nurture yourself and others.

Cancer, by nature, is a beautifully emotional, sensitive, nurturing energy focused on looking after others. It is the sign of the archetypal mother—protective, caring, and willing to defend the family. The Moon rules Cancer, and like the Moon, it is changeable; it ebbs and flows like the ocean's tides. It can be moody and broody, but at its essence, it is all about honouring the divine feminine energy in all of us.

Energetic Shifts and Astrological Events

We are likely to feel a stark energetic shift as we move from mutable air to cardinal water. Very quickly after the Sun moves into Cancer, we experience the first of two Full Moons in Capricorn. This energy offers us the opportunity to balance our outer worlds with our inner worlds, contemplating how we navigate our professional and personal lives and how we fuse our outward responsibilities with our emotional needs and values.

A few days later, the ruler of Capricorn, Saturn, shifts back into retrograde motion in the sign of Pisces. This may spark a period in which we review and reassess how we implement and navigate boundaries in our lives. It may also be a period to review long-term goals and create foundations for our creative, spiritual, and emotional needs.

These themes might be particularly predominant this Cancer season as Neptune, the co-ruler of Pisces, also turns retrograde on July 2nd. This could be an opportunity to peel back the layers of delusion or confusion, seek greater clarity, and cultivate a more realistic perspective in our lives.

On the same day, Mercury moves out of Cancer and into Leo, compelling us to be more expressive and bold in our communication with others, offering a period for creative self-expression and enthusiastic idea-sharing.

The New Moon in Cancer on July 6th will consolidate this Cancer season with an extra focus on our emotional well-being, family dynamics, and themes of security and belonging in our lives. This will be a potent time for setting intentions around how we wish to foster and possibly change these themes in our lives.

The energy may lift when Venus joins Mercury in Leo on July 12th. Our love language and romantic needs will be fueled with more passion, expression, and creativity. We are reminded to celebrate beauty, embrace the parts of ourselves that need to shine, and metaphorically dance like no one is watching.

Energetically, July 21st will bring forth a burst of dynamic and versatile energy as Mars moves into Gemini, increasing our curiosity, mental agility, and need for change. Finally, we shift into Leo season and step onto the stage of life as the Sun moves into the heart of its home sign, Leo, on July 22nd.

Remember Cancer season is a time to go within, to nurture yourself, dive into emotional depth and introspection. Embrace the nurturing qualities of Cancer while navigating the changes and opportunities presented by the cosmos. Allow for growth, clarity, and creative expression, and emerge stronger and more aligned with your true self.

As Cancer Season embraces us with its nurturing and intuitive energy, this period is an ideal time to delve into your astrological chart. With the upcoming full moon in Capricorn, the spotlight is on cardinal signs—Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn.

This period offers a powerful opportunity for initiating new beginnings and making strategic decisions.

Exploring your chart during this time can provide profound insights into your personal and professional ambitions, helping you harness the practical, disciplined energy of Capricorn. In our astrology session I can help you embrace this moment to set intentions and build a solid foundation for your future, aligning your goals with the supportive, transformative energies of your unique astrological blueprint.

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