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Aquarius Season 2024. Out with the old, in with the bold

Unless you have been hiding away, you are probably well aware that Pluto is moving into Aquarius and does so on the same day as the Sun also moves into Aquarius. They are lined up in this sign together for the first time since 1778!! This change is as significant as it gets astrologically. There is a myriad of information out there, including a couple of posts I have written for my Instagram page, so if you don’t already, hop on and follow me on either Instagram or Facebook to get an excellent overview, including a post about what Pluto transiting through the signs means for you.



To celebrate this shift, I, too, am making some changes, and I will be launching some classes this year, starting with a FREE ASTROLOGY MASTERCLASS. I am giving you first access to be able to register.

To learn more, check out this video.


Please feel free to e mail me with any questions you may have regarding these classes. I am super excited to do this and would love to see you there.

Ok, onto Aquarius Season and yes, it is a big one.

We start the Aquarius Season with the Sun holding hands with Pluto. They join up in the very last degree of Capricorn on the 20th and then jump into Aquarius together the next day.

Whenever the Sun and Pluto join up, we can expect a couple of intense days where we may be affronted with possible power plays collectively. Depending on your astrology chart, this could also be felt personally.

I will not dive into the depth of the interpretation of what Pluto moving into Aquarius means right here, as I have written about this elsewhere. However, I will say that throughout this period, we will have Mercury join up with Pluto on the 6th, Mars meets Pluto on the 14th, and Venus joins the party on the 17th. That’s a lot of our personal planets coming together to welcome Pluto into Aquarius. This adds a powerful intensity to this Aquarius Season with a potential for some deep motivations for transformative experiences around Aquarian themes such as rebellion, revolution, originality, striving for freedom and breaking away from outdated structures. I suspect this will be an exciting time politically on the world stage. 

Personally, wherever Aquarius falls in your chart or indeed wherever you have fixed signs of Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius, you may begin to feel the pull for more freedom, breaking away from restrictions and in true Aquarian fashion, a quest for progression and humanitarian ideals.

Aquarius is an air sign, an active Yang energy moving forward rather than being receptive, which was more the vibe when Pluto was in Capricorn. This means the energy that we will feel collectively is more active. Expect to see more protests and more pushing for equality. Whereas Capricorn is all about the maintenance of the status quo, structure and order, Aquarius is the antithesis; this energy wants to emancipate us from rigidity; the individual becomes most important, and a bubbling will begin that will see more of us strive much more for whatever freedom means for us.

Venus moves out of Sagittarius and into Capricorn on January 23rd but only stays there for a short time, and Venus will then move into Aquarius on the 17th. 

Whilst Venus is in Capricorn, we have opportunities to get serious about our finances and material resources. We can harness this energy nicely for any traditional business exchanges, and we may value relationships based on reliability and faithfulness.

On the 26th, we have a Full Moon in Leo. This axis emphasises a need to find a balance between our personal and impersonal aspects of life but also illuminates our creative potential, self-expression, romance and relationships. We must be careful not to overdo it emotionally during this full moon. There will be more on this full moon down the track.

Uranus has been retrograde in Taurus for about four months, and as the ruler of Aquarius, we will have a pretty significant shift when Uranus turns direct again on January 27th. With Uranus going direct, our Aquarius season gets a kick along with energy that may feel like a reawakening, encouraging change and authenticity in our expression.

Mercury then joins the Pluto party on the 6th as it shifts into Aquarius and connects to Pluto. Together, these two may bring some truths to light. This could be a pretty intense time for bringing hidden but interesting subjects to the fore. Mercury and Pluto together stir up deep thoughts and conversations around progressive and innovative themes, which may be felt personally and collectively. This could act like a portal for opening up new and original ideas.

The Aquarius energy heats up on the 10th when the Moon joins the gang in Aquarius. The moon will briefly greet Pluto in Aquarius and then join the Sun to stir up ideas for progressive change and ignite within us intention-setting toward illuminating where we need to be more of our authentic selves. This is also a time for social connections with friends or, indeed, group activities.

And in case you need more, Mars then comes along to stir up the pot on the 14th, when it also meets up with Pluto in Aquarius. Mars and Pluto can be quite an explosive, dynamic, erratic energy together, so we are warned not to take on unnecessary risks. We will, however, feel this shift toward doing things differently from how they may have been done before. This is all about unconventional energy, which may be directed towards attempts at solving intellectual conundrums. 

A strong focus will fall on our need for freedom and independence, which may especially be felt in any relationships that restrict us in any way when Venus joins the party on the 17th. This will see us with Venus, Pluto, Mars together and with Mercury and the Sun all in Aquarius. This has not

occurred for a very very long time. To me, it feels very much like the beginning of the beginning of a totally new phase for humanity.

I will be watching world events very closely around this time as I expect to see a push gather momentum for change, emancipation, and liberation both personally, especially if you have personal planets in the early degrees of the fixed signs and, of course, collectively. 

We may get a slight pause when the Sun moves into Pisces on the 20th, but it does so still with this gang of personal planets in Aquarius. The pot is being stirred. I am so interested to discover how this plays out collectively.

The best way to find out how these changes may affect you is to book a personal astrology consultation. My books are open, and I would love to explore your astrology with you. 


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