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Sun Moves in Aquarius. January 20, 2021

The Sun will move from earthy Capricorn in the air sign of Aquarius on January 20 where it meets heavyweights Saturn and Pluto in Aquarius and jovial opportunistic Jupiter in Aquarius.

These planets together sometimes feel like you are driving a sports car but with the handbrake on. You may be wanting to rush full steam ahead, but caution is called for. Where Jupiter expands, Saturn contracts. So what does that mean for the coming month?

In Astro world, there is much discussion about Saturn and Jupiter in Aquarius throughout 2021. Whilst the Sun is also in Aquarius; it is time to set the scene for new ideas, new insights and possibly some revolutionary vibes- the throwing out of the old guard to welcome in the new.

However, Saturn insists we get real about this and offers us the need to be cautious, make sure we set up the structures for change properly rather than rush forward for change just for change sake. Saturn asks us to build the foundations of the change we want to see, get out ducks in a row, get our facts straight first.

Energetically the Sun is conjunct Pluto ( until January 23rd) Saturn ( until February 3rd) and Jupiter ( until February 9th) and will be making a challenging square aspect to Mars in Taurus until (February 15th) and Uranus, the ruler of Aquarius in Taurus ( Until February 2nd). There is no doubt this is a volatile combination and not your usual traversing of the Sun through the sign of Aquarius.

We need to be careful this month that we don't rush full steam ahead with this airy intellect and revolutionary energy, and that we exercise some caution before leaping. The collective power may feel pushy and assertive and in great need for transformation, but this may also manifest as aggressive energy. Obsessions and intensity will run high, especially around the period of the inauguration. I suspect the polarisation we see in the world will continue to divide.

On a personal level getting into political debates with those whose views are different from your own could become rather explosive. People will feel even more compelled to exercise their freedom of expression and voice their ideas loudly, especially around the full moon in Leo in January 28th. Exercise some caution and tolerance. Tolerance is very much an Aquarian energy we should be aspiring to however, I feel that the 'old guard' will be holding on for dear life, determined not to die. The scene will be ripe for taking risks that may not go according to plan.

The full moon on January 28th will be in fiery Leo, making an opposition to the Sun, Venus, Jupiter, Saturn in Aquarius. The full moon in a fire sign may feel like the pot is still being stirred and people may feel more compelled to express their ideas and opinions loudly and dramatically.

At the end of the month, things may die down as Mercury goes retrograde, turning our voices inward rather than exploding in an outward fashion. This will be a great time to reflect on what happens this month and think about what and how we communicate in the world.

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