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With every new moon, it is a time to set our intentions or what we would like to manifest and bring into our lives. The new moon meets the Sun in Leo, enhancing and prompting us to set goals around some of the Leo principles.

Leo is ruled by the sun, the heart of our universe, and therefore rules our hearts astrologically. Leo's energy is often misrepresented as that egoic, 'look at me' energy and indeed, sometimes it is expressed this way. But at its higher manifestation, Leo is about giving and receiving and expressing from the heart. So, on this new moon, we can ask ourselves how our heart is going? Are we being true to our heart desires and expressing those desires honestly and authentically?

Leo energy is naturally warm, generous of spirit, childlike, playful and creative. Use this time for setting an intention around how you give love to yourself and how you'd like to give and receive

love to others. Spend some time treating yourself like you would like to be treated by others. This new moon is an excellent time to set some intentions around bolstering your confidence if you lack confidence. One of the best ways to do this is to literally write some affirmations, place them on your mirror, and speak them out loud to yourself.

This method was taught via the great late Louise Hay. It feels strange when you first start doing this, but it works. Here is a classic from Louise; you can use this one or write your own, but this represents the energy of this Leo new moon perfectly.

I feel my heart opening and I know that there is room in there for me….I treat myself with unconditional love.

The fire energy of Leo is expressive and creative, and loves to move. Put on some music during this full moon and dance around your lounge room. Grab that hairbrush microphone, sing loudly and allow yourself to play and have some fun. If this is not your scene, spending some time on creative pursuits of planning a future creative project is also an excellent idea.

Leo energy is childlike at its core, and sometimes there is nothing better to remind us how to play and have fun than spending time with the children in our lives. Consciously allowing yourself to play, be a child, interact with children, and laugh hard from the belly is therapeutic. Actually there is nothing better than hearing the hearty laughter of a couple of Leos cackling together.

The intentions and changes we seek to make can culminate as we move toward the second full moon in Aquarius, which occurs at the end of the very end of Leo season. This will be quite a powerful full moon, so set your intentions wisely to see them culminate during this time.

All year we have been experiencing challenging square energy between Saturn in Aquarius and Uranus in Taurus. The new moon will trigger this square energy again and highlight the tension between freedom of expression and our personal truths. Opposing world views have been in a tension hold all year, I believe this, you think that and there is either judgment and forceful attempts at changing minds, or a shutting down of others or what we feel deep down to keep the peace. Both polarities are dangerous. Leo asks us to hear the difference, understand others rights to their opinions and find love and acceptance anyway.

The new moon making an aspect to Uranus might bring about abrupt changes, rebellious energies, fiery arguments and some passion fueled discussion. Whether this happens personally or collectively, this new moon insists that we are true to what our hearts want and desire whilst fully accepting the rights of those around us to believe and feel what they do. I have heard of various friendships being fractured during this time because of such opposing views. This is precisely the energy that is abundant this year. On one level, we need freedom, a break away from the old regime, the right to express our beliefs, our truths. Still, on the other we also have a collective responsibility, a responsibility to ourselves to be true to us and a responsibility to the good of the collective. This new moon will be triggering this energy.

On a more personal level, this square may also trigger similar vibes within our romantic

relationships. Suppose you are not getting your true heart's desires. In that case, this new moon may spotlight this frustration and cause changes, either forcing breakups if the relationship wass already on shaky ground or a change in the direction of a relationship like a more profound commitment, for example. Either way, we need to face the reality that we can only change ourselves or our circumstances and we really can not others.

Suppose others views and energies is not sitting comfortably for us. In that case, we can also make the choice to let them go, or at least come to a full hearts felt understanding that one of astrology's greatest gifts is coming to the place where we learn to allow others to be themselves.

To end on this note, a last affirmation from Louise Hay

I do not try to heal my friends, I do my own mental work and heal myself. This is the best things I can do for others…. I allow others to be themselves.

Enjoy this new moon, set some intentions for your heart that you can accelerate in the upcoming full moon. Don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletter for an opportunity to receive a mini reading, subscribe to my youtube channel it you haven’t already and I will see you for the 2nd full moon in Aquarius on August 22nd. If you are interested in exploring how Leo energy works in your chart book in for a consultation at online

Until then, be kind to yourself and be kind to others.


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