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Full Moon in Libra. March 29 2021

March 29th - 5.00am Aust EST

We are in for a very special full moon, combined with some supporting aspects from other planets that can help us find harmony, balance, love and acceptance of ourselves and our relationship to others.

The moon will be physically very close to the earth at this time, so we will feel the energies intensely, and any work we do during this full moon will be potent.

Every full moon offers us an opportunity to integrate both the sun and the moon's energies in its opposition and find a balance.

With the sun in Aries and the moon in Libra, we have an opportunity to

find a balance between ourselves and ourselves in relationship.

At its essence, these polarities are about: me vs you, what I want and what we want, assertion and compromise, fighting and cooperation and independence vs relationship.

Aries as the first sign of the zodiac is the initiatory energy of the self, I, Me, what I want and need, and how I may get what I want and need. In opposition to Aries, Libra is the self now merging with the 'other' in relationship. So we go from being self-focused to relationship-focused, and this is what this full moon is asking of us. How are we looking after ourselves and how we are looking after ourselves in relation to another?

Aries is ruled by the god of War- Mars, and is this is the archetypal warrior energy, the pioneer, the daredevil. On the other hand, Libra is ruled by Venus, the goddess of love and is the Archetypal lover, artist and peacemaker. So we can see we have pretty contrary and opposing forces here.

We can reflect on both these parts of our lives during the full moon and look for how we can release elements within these themes that no longer serve us and what we may want to focus on moving forward.

This full moon also opposes Libra's ruler Venus which is in Aries and Chiron in Aries. Chiron is an asteroid we use in astrology which indicates where we may carry wounds, Venus rules how we love and relate and so this polarity can bring us the opportunity to look at our selves and our relationships and examine where we may be carrying wounds from previous relationships that we can work on to healing at this time.

Facing and releasing wounding attached to relationships helps us to become stronger. Almost everyone has experienced a broken heart at least once, and it hurts. How we respond to this pain as we move forward can significantly affect how we function in future relationships.

Do we give too much of ourselves away in relationships, merging too much with the other, and lose who we really are? Or do we not give much in a relationship at all, preferring to remain detached and aloof to not risk being hurt. Both are combinations of the Aries, Libran polarity, and both require harmonious integration.

Are there things you need to forgive or heal in your current relationship? Are there conversations to be had that you may have been holding off from having for some time? Are there shifts you wish to make, things to let go of, regarding yourself, your independence, or your relationship?

We are also blessed with a grand Air trine during this full moon between the Moon, Mars and Saturn. These three make a harmonious triangular energy that can enable the execution of goals, make conversations easier to have, and fuel us with the courage we may lack. The grand air trine offers us the ability to communicate our desires and productively execute our will. This combination provides rewards for work done and should enable us to balance what we will compromise for relationship and what we won't.

Spend some time thinking about where or how you may sacrifice your own values or principles for the sake of a relationship and where you may want to make changes in this regard.

How can you find a balance of give and take with a partner without too much compromise?

Alternately if you sacrifice entering relationships for fear of losing yourself, what can you shift or open to allow another's perspective into your life?

Aries needs to learn to let others in, to act in service for the self and in relation to the other. Libra on the other hand, has to learn to become more independent and stand on their own two feet.

Lets not forget that Libra and Venus also represent beauty in all its forms. So this is especially a good time to pay homage to the beauty you have in your life, to find gratitude for the beauty in nature, the beauty of art, music and of course, the beauty within each one of us. Libra reminds us that we are all beautiful in our own way, perfect just as we are, whether we are in a relationship with another or not. Aries reminds us we are foremost in a relationship with ourselves and this can be equally honoured and celebrated at this time

Libra is also about balance in general, so if you feel your life is out of balance in any way, this is an excellent time to work on bringing balance back into your life. Is there anything you need to let go of to make more time for yourself, more time for your relationship or simply bring more harmony to your life.

If there are major decisions you are grappling with, this full moon, may help you gain some clarity. You are more likely to be able to see both sides of the picture whilst also having the energy from Aries to give you the courage to make decisions with confidence.

As with any full moon, this is the time to release what you may want to let go of.

The full moon is in the element of Air, so it is a beautiful time to write. And the sun is in Aries- fire element, so a great time to burn.

Write those things you want to release, that you wish to let go of, past expectations perhaps, wounds that you no longer wish to carry with you, forgiveness you need to make either with yourself or with others and then let it burn ( safely of course). Witness the smoke of the fire take your messages into the skies. Alternatively, burn some sage and meditate on the elements you want to release.

On a more mundane level, use this energy to get romantic, either with your partner or do something to celebrate the love you have for yourself. If there are things, you need to bring to a close, tie up any loose ends, especially regarding relationships. And of course, use this beautiful energy to make a wish. If you want to attract someone new into your life, write down the qualities you desire and place that piece of paper under the full moonlight. I did exactly this 13 Libran full moons ago and am still very much in love with the person I met ten days later.

Mostly be kind to yourself and others and try find harmony and balance in accepting and allowing others to have different desires and needs without losing sight of yourself.

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See you next around April 12th for the new moon in Libra.

Happy Libran Full Moon


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