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Full Moon in Aries. Me, You and Balance

The full moon in Aries occurs in Australia on October 10th at 7.55am at 16 degrees of Aries. This full moon is a period of really ramping up the volume and changing the pace into a more forward moving energy. Mercury has just turned direct so we should feel the wheels turning better and Pluto will turn direct the day before this full moon. Although there are still a myriad of planets in retrograde we are on a trajectory of moving forward and transforming what we have been working on on an inner level and bring the lessons to fruition. Of course as with all full moons the questions arise as to what we need to let go of. For this full moon the main questions will be what past wounds do we need to let go of especially in regard to relationships for us to be our most authentic and individual self?

Find Your Full Moon in Aries Workbook here. Bonus sections if you happen to have your natal moon in the sign of Aries

Aries Full Moon Workbook. 2022
Download PDF • 13.04MB

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