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Cancer Full Moon- Feeling our way into the new year

Happy New Year, everyone, and welcome to 2023, a year that I am feeling quite optimistic about astrologically. The energy has shifted and will be turning away from such heaviness, which is great, but right now, we have both Mercury and Mars retrograde, so please don't beat yourself up if you have not made or set your intentions for the New Year. These two being retrograde makes it tricky to get focused on our thoughts and to put our thinking into action. This is still a period to allow yourself to observe, feel and, as we move toward this full Moon in Cancer, nurture ourselves and check in with our hearts. This is a perfect time for reflecting on the past. Both planets will turn direct during the month, Mars on the 11th, a few days after this full Moon and Mercury on the 17th, which will enable us to get moving into the New Year

I have created my first full moon workbook for the year, which is downloadable for you here:

Cancer Full Moon 2023
Download PDF • 19.56MB

The workbook focuses on questions we can ask ourselves to get in touch with the areas of ourselves that this full Moon energetically influences in her home sign of Cancer. It also includes affirmations, ritual ideas and a section specifically on what it means to have your natal Moon in the sign of Cancer. So if you have a Cancer moon, the workbook offers you a bonus. If you do not, there is still much to dive into for you in this workbook, so enjoy.

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